Decorate Your Cake Easily Using Famous Candies


HOW TO MAKE CANDY CAKES If you have no experience in decorating a cake of if your time is short these ideas will help you let your cakes with a professional look and much tastier. HOW TO MAKE CAKES USING

8 Creative Ways To Reuse Photo Frames


Desk Organizer Use a large frame and some fabric to make a different desk organizer. This will let the things easier to find and in their right place. Earrings Holder   Key Holder This is a nice idea to put

Creative 7 Sewing Ideas For Parents


PILLOW BED Sewing five pillowcases together can give you a nice and usefull bed for your kids! And it is really easy to store!!! BED ORGANIZER Keep your kids personal objects near them and at same time organized! Their soft

Incredible and Cheap Ideas  for GAME OF THRONES Fans


If you are addicted to the HBO serie Game of Thrones and are anxious about the next season, you can spend your time doing these amazing craft ideas to decorate your house and feel as you have just arrived in

How The Colors In Your House Can Affect Your Mood


The Power of the Colors Colors have a great influence in our mood and in how do we feel over the places where we are in. With the right colors you can create a comfortable environment for different purposes. So

Creative Sensory Toys Ideas


Sensory Toys for Young Kids In this post we will present you some sensory toys that can be done at home easily. They are composed of different elements that provide a rich experience to small kids helping them to develop

Creative Reusing Grater Ideas


11 Ways to Reuse Your Grater Do not think that some old objects may not be turned into other beautiful pieces resulting from recycling.  Even an old kitchen grater can be transformed in a decorative or even functional piece for

DIY Harry Potter Ideas


Incredible and Cheap Ideas  for HARRY POTTER Fans Crazy about the most famous wizard of the world? Do you have to check these amazing DIY ideas to decorate your room and feel as you have just apparated in Hogwarts! DIY

Creative Ideas of Using Clothespin

Some amazing new uses for clothespin

Some Amazing New Uses for Clothespin  If you think that clothespin has no other function apart of holding your clothes on the line you should think again. This little piece apparently without many attractions, can be much more useful for

How To Fix Broken Eyeshadows

How to fix broken eyeshadows (4)

DIY Eyeshadows What to do when that favorite eyeshadow breaks and it is impossible to use? Don’t freak out! Broken makeup has a solution! Learn how to use and adapt what you already have avoiding waste of money and recycling,

DIY: Beautiful Plastic Spoon Centerpiece


DIY Plastic Spoon Who could think that simple objects of our daily lives can turn into beautiful decoration for any kind of party and celebration? Using creativity and imagination is something primordial for the ones who want to call attention

How to Make Playdough at Home


Homemade Playdough Are you looking for a creative project to spend your weekend with kids? Today we are going to show you how to makeplaydough for kids in a simple and very useful way! The best side of this project

6 Ways of Reusing Pringles Cans


DIY Pringles Due its singular shape, Pringles can are known all around the world as a good thing to be reused at home in the most different situations. From kitchen to garden, you can reuse these long round can to

Creative Easter Table Ideas


DIY Easter The most festive days in any calendar always end up with family and friends gathering around a good table. Easter is not an exception and a good decoration in this day is extremely important. Eggs, chocolates and flowers

5 Very Easy Napkin Folding Ideas

5 Very Easy Napkin Folding Ideas

Napkin Ideas It is not necessary to be anexpert in origami to make a fabric napkin special on a dinner. If you are always throwing parties and need some different ideas to decorate your table but at same time it

Creative Centerpieces Made With Wine Glasses


DIY Wine Glasses  Throwing parties is not always easy. You have to think about lots of things: food, drinks, guests and decoration. If there will be tables in your party it is important to decorate them with beautiful centerpieces. However,

DIY: Accessories Reusing Old T-shirt Ideas


DIY Old T-shirts If you have some old t-shirts that you are not using anymore don´t throw them away! Have a look at these amazing and fashion accessories made only with fabric pieces that will give a new look to

DIY: Grandma Breakfast Delight

Grandma Breakfast delight

Breakfast Delight The most important meal of the day will now be more tasty and complete with this incredible idea! Placing together simple ingredients that we usually have in the morning we can prepare a different dish that will let

Creative Pillows You Can Do At Home

Creative-pillows-you-can-do-at-home-3 (2)

DIY Pillow Better than have a nice rest is having something comfortable to do that. For the ones who love sleeping we selected some amazing pillow ideas that it is possible to be copy for anyone with some sewing ability

Creative Kids’ Lunch Box Ideas

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (4)

Lunch Boxes If you have kids going to school, probably one of your daily tasks is preparing their lunchboxes! It sounds an easy activity but we know that sometimes it is not! Prepare something kids like but at same time