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9 Creative Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

Reusing plastic bottles 9

Reuse Plastic Bottles

The concern about the environment and its massive destruction it is not something new. People are increasingly creating different ways of reducing the damage we are causing to the planet bringing intelligent ideas about recycling and reusing daily objects. Therefore, we searched a lot and decided to put together nine of the most creative and useful ideas reusing plastic bottles. They are very simple and highly useful projects that will make your life easier and contribute to save the planet at same time. It is always important to remember that a plastic bottle takes 700 years to start the decomposition process and more than a century to fully disappear in the environment. So, go green!

 1) Food Canister

Use two plastic bottles to make canisters to store food as rice, beans, noodles and sugar.  You will need to cut the bottles in different sizes: a longer one (to be the base) and a smaller one (to be the cover) and fit them together.

Reusing plastic bottles

Reusing plastic bottles

 2) Watering cans

You can easily transform a plastic bottle in a watering can. You only need to make some holes on the cap using a nail and a hammer. Be careful with your fingers! If you are going to travel and doesn´t have anyone to water the plants for you, a creative idea is to place a bottle (with holes in the cap) upside down on your vase with the upper part buried. You can also hang a bottle right on the top of your vase and dovetail a nail in the cap. The water will trickle on your plant slowly preventing it of drying.

Reusing plastic bottles 2

Reusing plastic bottles 2

3)Desk Organizer

Use plastic bottles to create penholders and desk organizers to your house or office. It is only to cut the upper part of the bottles and decorate them as you want. You can use only one bottle or more than one glued together (hot glue). Use your creativity and make them in different sizes and very colorful. Washi tapes are really nice to make your organizer beautiful and unique.

Reusing plastic bottles 3

Reusing plastic bottles 3

4) Bird´s Feeder

If you have a garden and like to have birds flying in it a good idea is to place some feeders to attract them. You can make creative bird´s feeder using plastic bottles. One idea is using some wood spoons dovetailed in the bottle. Make small holes and insert the spoons by the cable side. Full the bottle with bird’s food and let it slip in the spoon. You can also use chopsticks instead of wood spoons but the holes in the bottle must be bigger to make birds access to food easier. Now it is only hang the feeder in a tree and wait for the birds.

Reusing plastic bottles 4

Reusing plastic bottles 4

5) Snack Bowls

The bottom part of plastic bottles can be perfectly used as snack bowls. Cut the bottom part of the bottle and use a clothes iron to remove any imperfection (only press the edge gently against the iron for some seconds). Use it to put small snacks as peanuts, olives and cheese.

Reusing plastic bottles 5

6) Emergency Spoon

If you are camping far from the civilization or in a place where it is almost impossible to find a spoon, you can make one using a plastic bottle. It is only to cut it as you can see in the picture bellow using the bottom round part as a spoon. Simple and easy for emergency cases.

Reusing plastic bottles 6

Reusing plastic bottles 6

7) Garden Sprinkler

If you have a big garden but no time to water all of it a nice idea is using sprinklers to do the job for you. You can make a homemade sprinkler using only a plastic bottle. Make some roles in the bottle´s body using a nail and attach a hose to the bottle´s nozzle using a duct tape. Now it is only open the tap and let the water sprinkle on your garden. But remember not to waste water and use only the necessary!

Reusing plastic bottles 7

Reusing plastic bottles 7

8) Toilet Paper Holder

Do you have kids at home or do you always need some toilet papers near you to clean something? A nice idea is making a toilet paper holder from a plastic bottle. It is only to cut the bottom part the same length as the paper roll and cut the upper part to be used as a cover. Remove the bottle´s nozzle and pull the paper from its hole. Simple and practical!

Reusing plastic bottles 8

Reusing plastic bottles 8

9) Magazine Organizer

Perfect for waiting rooms and offices this idea is very creative. Cut the upper part of some plastic bottles and nail them in a board (can be a piece of wood or a metal bar). You can also use the organizer on the floor, in this case you only have to tie the bottles together using a piece of cloth or rope. In offices this idea can work as a mail organizer as well.

Reusing plastic bottles 9

Reusing plastic bottles 9


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  1. Shannon Slaughter says:

    WOW! These are so creative! In fact, Ive never seen such great practical, ideas for bottles that turn out looking so nice and that are so useful. Thank you for sharing!

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    great ideas and good for childrens projects too!!

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    wow grt job ..goin to apply some of dis..

  5. Julie Wynne-Jones says:

    Great ideas. I am certainly going to hit the bottle !!!!

  6. mary fitzgibbon says:

    Gave me some great ideas

  7. Terry Mayer says:

    Number 1 can also be use to start a plant…with the top on it, they stay moist and warm…make great terrariums.

  8. vaishnavi khairnar. says:

    all the things are really very easy as well as interesting to do. thank you for giving me such great ideas for my science projects.

  9. awesome ideas ………thank u

  10. again no waste in my home

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  12. Manohar says:

    Wow!These ideas are awesome.Thanks to these ideas,I have got full marks in my project

  13. Margaret says:

    I like your ideas they are so practical. I want to cover a drink bottle with rice paper what glue can i use .

  14. roya says:

    great. these ideas are sharp and beatiful

  15. This is amazing thanks very much

  16. Love all your ideas thanks for sharing!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you

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    very very good ideas gyas keed doing again and again thanks for this

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