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How To Make Bracelets From Plastic Bottles

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Plastic Bottle Bracelets Plastic bottles are one of the mostly  liked materials to be used by DIY lovers because of being cheap.They can be found easily anywhere and DIY Projects are a perfect way of reusing them. In this project

Customize Your Old Jeans

Customize your old jeans (5)

DIY Old Jeans  Invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873, jeans are essential pieces in the closets from people of all ages and style. Skinny, tapered, straight, boot cut, narrow bottom, low waist… it doesn’t matter what is your favorite

DIY Old Shorts

Customize your old shorts bows pockets

Customize Old Shorts Are you tired of your old clothes and wish you could renew your closet but no money for that? We have the solution for you! You can give a new look to your old pieces transforming them

9 Creative Things To Do With Old Jeans!

Creative İdeas for old jeans

Creative Ideas For Old Jeans If you get a good look in your closet you will find at least one pair of jeans that you don´t wear for ages or that don´t suits you anymore. So, in this post we

10 Minute Cloth bag (no sew needed!)

A Clothe Bag

How To Make A Cloth Bag ? How many plastic bags do you have in your home right now? How many plastic bags do you use a day? What about a year? Do you know that almost 1 million plastic