Shoes Life Hacks

In this post we selected very intelligent tips to help you keep your shoes always new and comfortable in any situation. Have a look and choose your favorite ones!

Making leather Shoes Bigger

If yourleather shoes are too tight, put on a pair of thick socks and then use a hair dryer to soften the leather. The leather will and when you put them they will fit perfectly.


Sweated feet

If your feet sweat too much, you can use a sanitary pad or a panty liner, like Carefree, as a shoe insole. This will absorb the humidity and help against bad feet odor.


Slippery Shoes

Are the soles of your shoes slick? Do you keep slipping around like ice skating? Simply sand them with a fine sandpaper and your feet will stay where they should be!


Slippery Feet

Now if the problem is that yourfeet are slippery inside the shoes, try to apply a bit of hair sprayon them. This will prevent your feet from slipping and you from falling down.


Wet Shoes

When yourshoes get wet, simply put a lot of newspaper inside it. They will dry much faster and avoid that bad smellafter they are dry.


Bad Smell Shoes

A sprinkling of baking soda on your shoes is a great way toget rid of the bad smell. Now, if you don’t want to have white powder on your feet you can put a bit of baking soda on a piece of tulle and place them inside your shoes overnight.


Bad Smell Shoes 2

You can also use tea bags as powerful odor and moisture absorbers. After making your tea, let the bags dry out and stick them into your shoes. Let them stay there overnight. Black tea is best, since it contains tannic acid, a powerful bacteria killer.


Clean and Shining Leather

White vinegar is perfect to clean leather shoesremoving all of the stick dirty from them. Apart of this, the vinegar gives back the original shine of good leather.


Beautiful Boots

To keep your boots in good condition, you can put a piece of a pool noodleinto each of them. This will prevent the boots from bending and leaving wrinkles on the leather apart of letting your closet much more organized.


Waterproofing Shoes

You can make yourfabric shoes resistant to waterusing simple materials. Use a piece of bee wax or a paraffin wax candle and a hair dryer. Scrub the wax all over the shoes and then dry it with the hair dryer.