Creative Party Backdrop Ideas

The decoration of a party is something essential but not always easy and cheap to make it! Backdrops are nowadays in almost every kind of party: birthdays, weddings, baby-showers… giving a nice look to the room and an upgrade in the decoration. It doesn´t matter if it is there to hide a wall, to make the place colorful, to compound the theme of the party or just for people to take pictures, backgrounds are a necessary element fora beautiful decoration.Here we collected some cheap, simple and easy DIY ideas for any kind of party you are going to throw.

Crepe Paper Backdrop

What can be cheaper and more colorful than crepe paper? They are perfect to create an amazing backdrop for your partyand the best part is that you can find them in all colors!


Twisted Streamer Backdrop:

To give a nice effect you can also twist the crepe paper stream. This will make the decoration more professional and bring a psychedelic and fun appearance to the backdrop.


Paper Hearts Backdrop

Romantic parties need a romantic decoration! What about thousands of paper hearts glued in some threads? You can use one or many colors!


Paper Plates Backdrop

Maybe the fastest idea is also one of the best! Paper plates are perfect to create an awesome backdrop to your party! You can stick them on the wall and even draw or write things inside it!


Flowers Backdrop

Flowers are delicate and prefect to decorate a party. You can use real or fake ones! Perfect forweddings backdropor a romantic dinner!


Paper Chains Backdrop

This idea might consume a bit of time but it is definitely worth it! Make long chains using wide stripes of paper and a bit of glue! When you put them all together the effect will be amazing!


Origami Backdrop

If you like origami this is the idea for you. Can you imagine abackdrop made only with origami? I’m sure your guests will want to take thousands of pictures on it!


Pompom Backdrop

Pompom are beautiful, charming and classic! You can use crepe paper to make thousands of pompoms in the size and color you prefer and stick them into the wall! They will bring a full and nice look to your backdrop.


Flags Backdrop

It doesn’t matter if they are made of fabric or paper! Flags are always a good idea to decorate a party and they will never be old fashioned. Choose nice stamps that match with each other and cover the wall with them.


Paper Fans Backdrop

Paper fans can be made with almost any kind of paper and they are pretty easy to make! You can stick them into the wall or use strings to hang them! I’m sure the result will be fantastic.


Photographs Backdrop

People love photos and what could be best to celebrate a birthday party or a wedding with pictures from the important people in your life? Make a surprise to your guests and full a wall with nice and memorable photos from the special moments of your life!


Fringe Backdrop

This vintage idea is one of my favorites! Fringes are easy to do and the effect on the wall is amazing! Use many different colors and give an incredible place for your guests take nice pictures.


Paper Circles Backdrop

Simple and elegant! Paper circles are a nice and simple idea to use in a backdrop. You can make it with different types of papers, in different sizes and colors.


Yarn Backdrop

Use colorful yarns to make fringesor macramé garlands to decorate your wall. After the party you can use it to decorate a room of your house! Nice idea isn’t it?


Tulle Backdrop

Cute idea for weddings and baby showers, the tulle backdrop can be made in different ways! You can use it with fringes, pom poms and even a full curtain. Simple and charming!