Cereal Boxes

Are you addicted to cereal or have lots of kids at home and cereal boxes are something common in your house? Do not throw them in the bin! We are going to show you how to reuse cereal boxes to organize your house in some easy and simple steps! Apart from making your life easier you will be also helping the environment recycling things that would go to the garbage.

For all the projects here you will need cereal boxes, contact paper (you can buy decorated ones), ruler, scissors and transparent tape. If you have all the material in your hands, let’s work!

4 ways to organize your house using cereal boxes

Magazine Files

The simplest project using cereal box is for sure the magazine file! If you are addicted to magazines or you have kids with lots of story books and comics you can organize all of them with this project. The first thing to do is cut the cereal box diagonally from the top of one side to the middle of other side (use a ruler to help you!). After that, reinforce the edges of the box with some tape. Cover everything using contact paper and decorate as you wish! Placing labels on them is good to identify what you have inside each file!

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Hanging File Boxes

Lots of mails, bills and papers to be organized? Try this project! Use cereal boxes hanged in a practical place at your house as the entrance hall or the fridge to organize and have important papers always on hands! Cut out the top of the box and a piece of the front part letting the back bigger than the front. Use some tape to reinforce the edges and wrap the box with contact paper. You can use some hooks to hang the boxes on the wall or a big magnet to place it on the fridge.

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Drawer Organizer

If you have drawers filled with small objects piled one above the others you definitely need an organizer! Don’t waste your money buying it in shops! Do it your own organizer exactly in the way and size you need using some cereal boxes! Measure the depth of your drawers and cut the bottom of the cereal boxes on the same size. You can use different sized boxes for different compartments. Wrap the boxes with contact paper and place them on the drawer. Now it is only divide your things in each compartment! Simple and almost free!

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Desk Organizer

Organize your working/studying desk with this simple idea. Cute some cereals boxes and glue them together to create a big desk organizer with lots of compartments. Use your creativity and make the best organizer for you! You can also use some roll paper together with the boxes to give a nice look to it!

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