DIY Kids Gift Kits

Nowadays kids are not so easy to please when the subject is a gift. Usually they have almost everything and the options we have in the shops are not always suitable for our budget. If you are looking for a different and creative kitthat won’t take lots of your money, we selected some creative kits you can prepare by yourself at home, that will make your kids very interested and won’t cost much for you.

The Science Kit

Perfect for the little ones that are curious and love to discovery new things this science kitis very easy to be done. Buy a science experiment book or do one by yourself printing some nice ideas from the internet. Then have a look on the main objects and ingredient the kid will need to put the experiment in practice. Now put everything in a box or a basket and let them have some fun with it.

Kids Gift Science Kit

The Craft Kit

If you have an artist at home that likes drawing and painting you can make an amazing craft kitfor he/she. Go to a craft shop and try to pick up the material you think your kid will use and love. Pencils, pens, paints, brushes, rulers, scissors, glue, different kinds of paper, stickers… More colorful the kit is more beautiful and attractive it will be!

Kids Gift Craft Kit

The Garden Kit

For the nature lovers you canmake a garden kit! Kids love playing with soil and they will love even more plant their own flowers and see them growing up in front of their eyes. Try to find some cute colorful gardening tools and put together with some beautiful flower seeds. A nice vase for kids to plant the seeds and a watering pot are also god ideas.

Kids Gift Garden Kit

The Cinema Kit

Which kid doesn’t like movies? You can make a creative cinema kitfor them with some nice movies and delicious snacks. Microwave popcorn, chocolate and candies are nice ideas here. You can also add a small blanket and put everything inside a big popcorn bucket.

Kids Gift Movie Kit

The Baking Kit

If you have a little chef that likes helping you all the time in the kitchen you can give he/she their own baking kit! Colorful kitchen utensils, a cute apron, cupcake liners and the ingredients for a delicious cookie or cupcake are perfect to this idea. You can also put some recipes that will be easy for them to do while using the kit.

Kids Gift Baking Kit