Make Your Own Headboard

If you are trying to change the look of your bedroom, a nice way of starting is from your bed! The most important piece of the room can also be a decorative object that will bring style and elegance even for the simplest bedrooms. Apart from nice sheets and pillows a nice bed must have a cool headboard to complement it. There are lots of types of headboards and the can go from the traditional to the most modern look. However, if you are short of money, we are going to show you how to make creative headboards using some simple and cheap materials.

Panel Headboard

Elegant and charming panels are always a good idea to be transformed in headboards. For this idea you will need some wood panels, fabric (choose one that will match with your room decoration), staple gun and a pair of scissors. Before starting you need to decide how manypanels you will need and how you will distribute them (you can give some space between them or place together to make an entire piece). Measure the panel and cut the fabric. Cover the panels with it using the staple gun. You can also put thin foam between the panel and the fabric to make the headboard soft.

Make Your Own Headboard

Newspaper Headboard

Yes, you can make a beautiful headboard only using newspaper, paint and glue! To start with you need to make a lot of thin rolls with the newspaper´s pages. Use some glue to fix the edges and paint the rolls with the color you choose for your headboard. When they dry, start rolling them in a curl form as you can see in the pictures bellow. Put a bit of glue on the ends and use a rubber band to tie them. After some minutes tied they will get the shape. Use a plier and some wire to tie the rolls to each other. Then is only hang them on the wall using nails and it is done!

Make Your Own Headboard (2)

Pallets Headboards

Cheap and easy to find, pallets are perfect to be transformed in headboards. You can use one or more depending on the size of your bed or the high you want your headboard be. Wash the pallets and place them in the sun to dry completely. After that, sand them to avoid being hurt by any splinter or nail. You can use the pallets in their natural color or paint them according to the decoration of your room. Place the pallets behind your bed and fix them using nails. If you are going to use one above the other, it is also important to nail them together to not cause any accident.

Make Your Own Headboard (3)

Curtains Headboard

You can give a cozy and elegant look to your room use curtains as headboards. It is only fix its bar on the wall behind the bed and choose a nice curtain. They width and the length will depend on you but you probably will have to make some adaptations. You can use another piece of fabric instead of curtains, a tapestry or a flag will work well too.

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Windows Headboards

Use old windows to give a new look to your room. You can use the shutter or the window pane to create a rustic and elegant environment. It is important to wash and sand them to remove any undesirable parts. You can give a new color to windows or use them in the old one to create a vintage style. Probably you will need more than one but this will depend on the size of your bed and how you will place them. If you are using window panels you can also cover the glasses with a nice wallpaper to give a creative look.

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