DIY Kids’ Play Mats

Play Mats are always useful for kids in any ages! If you have babies they are a safe and comfortable place for the little ones to play. If you have big ones they are really good to entertain them during cold rainy days. Apart of this they can serve as a decorative piece in your kids’ roomand don’t take much space in the house. We selected here some creative play mats ideas that your kids will love

Mini City Play Mat

You can make a play mat in a mini city format for the little ones to play… Full of houses, trees and roads it can be used for kids of different ages to pay and use their imagination.


Doll House Play Mat

If you have girls, they will love this idea. Instead of having that big awkward doll houses that take much space and are difficult to carry, you can create a play matin the shape of a house. It will be much easier and more comfortable for the kids play!


Farm Play Mat

If your kids like animals and the countryside you can create a play mat with farm elements. The fields in different colors, a nice lake and a barn for the animals are perfect ideas to be used in this mat.


Sensory Play Mat

This idea is more suitable for the little ones, since they are discovering the world and learning through their senses. Cover a play mat with different objects and fabricsto stimulate your kids’ sight and touch. Buttons, ribbons, hoops and velcro are nice objects to be matched with fabrics as denim, silk, velvet and cotton.


Hopscotch Play Mat

Now, for the bigger ones you can make a nice hopscotch gamefor them to play inside home! Kids are always bored when they can’t play outside and they keep all of their energy in front of the TV. A nice way to change this is giving them something creative to do, and this is a nice idea.