Serving Ice Cream with Style

Ice cream is a worldwide known (and loved) dessert and it is perfect to be served in any occasion, from a simple dinner to the most sophisticated celebration. Usually served in cones or in glasses, ice creams can reach another level when served in a different form than the ordinary ones. In this article we selected some creative ways of serving ice creamsthat will make the dessert much more interesting and your dinner or party much more stylish.

Ice cream in chocolate bowls

What can be more delicious thanice cream served inside a cute bowl made entirely of chocolate? This bowls are really easy to be done and you can try at home! You can find the instructions here:

Ice Cream in Chocolate Bowls

Ice cream in Lemon Shells

Yes! You canuse lemon shells to serve small portions of ice creamin a very beautiful and natural style! This idea is perfect for a summer party or a barbecue! Make a lot of lemonade for your guests and use the shells to serve the dessert.

Ice Cream in Lemon Shells

Ice Cream in Glass Jars

This idea is so charming! Serving ice cream in glass jars is different but still elegant! Perfect for baby shower party and wedding celebrations your guests will love the idea! You can place the jars inside an ice bucket and let your guest help themselves with this delicious idea.

Ice Cream in Glass Jars

Ice Cream in Cupcake Liners

If you want something more practical and easy but still creative you can serve ice creams in cupcake liners! This idea is perfect for kids’ parties where you have many kids and not enough glasses to everybody! The portions will be small and there won’t be waste of food.

Ice Cream in Cupcake Liners

Ice Cream in Cookie Basket

Another delicious idea isserving ice cream inside cookie baskets! The taste of the cookie mixed with the ice cream is perfect and will amaze your guests! Nowadays you can find these baskets ready on the market or you can do them by yourself. Make a normal cookie recipe and use a muffin tray upside down to bake your cookie basket!

Ice Cream in Cookies Baskets

Ice Cream In Cans

This vintage way of serving ice creamis perfect for some types of wedding celebrations! It has a charming look and it is really easy to be done since you only need some empty and clean food cans.

Ice Cream in Cans