DIY Mason Jar Kits

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Christmas… special dates are always there and everybody has a special woman in their lives to gift. Mason jar kitsare an original and cheap option for the ones who want to please the loved ones with a cheap but extremely creative idea. We selected six amazing kits that will fit all types of woman and any occasion.

Manicure Kit in a Jar

A nice idea for woman who likes to take care of their beauty is making a manicure kitas a gift! Place useful objects in the jar: nail polishes, cotton balls, nail file, nail polish remover, hand lotion, nail clipper… Be creative!


Spa Kit in a Jar

For the stressed ones, you can give a gift full of relaxing things to make their day easier. A mini spa kit for them to ease, taking care of their body and mind. Fill you spa jar with mini cream bottles, small candle, scented oils, foot soak, face mask, body scrub, lip balm and why not some candies? I’m sure any woman will be happy with this gift.


Tea Time Kit in a Jar

If you have a woman in your life that loves tea, this is the gift for her! A special tea kit for her to relax and enjoy a nice time! You can choose different types of tea flavors and add some little things as a tea infuser, some sugar or a small pot of honey, collies and why not a lemon? This gift will warm even the coldest hearts.


Sewing Kit in a Jar

If you have a craft special woman in your life you can give her anew sewing kit! A jar full with beautiful color threads, a small scissor, some buttons and brand new needles for them work in their crafts. A nice idea is using the lid as apin cushion; you can do this with some cushion filling and a piece of fabric.


Herb Kit in a Jar

If your special woman likes nature and gardening, this is the gift for her. A special gardening kit for her to plant some herbs and always remember you when look at them. Fill the jar with herb seeds, a bit of organic soil, rocks, labels for the plants, gardening gloves or small pot planters.


Bake Kit in a Jar

For the women who likes cooking a bake kit in a jar is a creative gift idea! You can chose filling the jar with baking stuff as cupcake liners, measuring spoons, cookie cutters… Or fill it with ingredients for a special recipe. Don’t forget to stick the recipe instructions to help!