Creative Uses For Cupcakes

Stepping in the cupcake´s world now and need some simple tips that will help you in this challenge? Here we have some amazing solutions for the ones who doesn´t have professional tools but still wants to make beautiful and tasty cupcakes for any occasion.

1) Batter Dispenser

If you don´t have a professional batter dispenser to not make a mess while filling the pan don´t worry! Use some simple squeeze bottles to place the batter inside the cupcake liners. Cheap and practical!

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 2

2) Cupcake Filling

A simple way to fill your cupcake after it is baked is making a hole in it and placing a delicious tidbit as marshmallows, strawberries, pieces of chocolate or almonds. Close the hole again and cover the cupcake with a delicious topping.

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 5

3) Icing Bag

The best way to decorate a cupcake is using an icing bag but if you don’t have a professional one with all those nozzles don´t worry! Use a simple plastic bag with a small cut in the bottom to pour the icing on top of cupcakes. They will work fine and let you cupcake topping beautiful!

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 3

4) Heart Shaped Cupcake

Want to do something special for Valentine´s day or a special occasion but don´t have a heart shaped cupcake pan to do that? No problem! Use some marbles to create a heart shape cupcake! Simple, cheap and creative!

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 1

5) Shamrock Shaped Cupcake

Following the same idea of the heart shaped cupcake, you can also create a shamrock using marbles, but this time three for each cupcake. This idea is perfect for themed parties or St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 4

6) Ice Cream Cones Cupcake

If you want to serve something different you can bake your cupcakes in ice cream cones! Just fill the cones with batter and take to oven. Practical to eat and looking attractive, kids will love this new way of making cupcakes.

6 tips for creative and easy cupcakes 6