DIY Pringles

Due its singular shape, Pringles can are known all around the world as a good thing to be reused at home in the most different situations. From kitchen to garden, you can reuse these long round can to store objects and food, to decorate your house and even to create accessories for yourself. Have a look in these incredible ideas we selected for you and put all those Pringles can into a good use.

Note: Remember to wash and dry well the can before use it in any project.

1) Cookies Storage

If you like to bake some cooks at home but don’t have a good place to store than, a nice idea is use a Pringles can! You can also use it as a gift package and hand out some treats for your friends and neighbors. Use a nice paper to cover the can and a riboon to make it cuter

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans

2) Spaghetti Storage

Keep your spaghettis in a safe and clean place using Pringles cans to store them. They can perfectly fit into the cans and avoid any kind of mess and waste. It will be much more practical to have the spaghetti in hand when you decide to cook it.

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans

3) Desk Organizer

If you need something to organizer all your craft stuff or if you have kids at home with lots of school materials this is a nice idea for you! Use some Pringles can attached together to create a big and useful desk organizer for your pencils, pens and brushes! Cover each can with a nice contact paper and use instant glue to place them together. Use how many cans you need to store your things.

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans

4) Bracelets

Making some bracelets with Pringles cans is easy and simple! You only need to cut the cans in the width you want your bracelets be. Then cover the base of your bracelets with beautiful fabrics or threads. Use fabric glue or instant glue to do that and be careful to not let any part of the can out.

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans

5) Cupcake Liners Storage

If you have lots of cupcake liners stored somewhere in your cupboard you can use a Pringles can to keep them safe and clean! Don´t screw up your liners anymore and let your kitchen much more organized with this simple and cheap idea.

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans

6) Decorative Vase

You can transform a Pringles can in a beautiful and elegant vase for your house! It is only cover it with some contact paper, sisal or even stones and spackling paste! Use your creativity and make different vases to any kind of room and situation! Your flowers will be much more beautiful in them!

6 ways of reusing Pringles cans