Creative Planters

Have you ever notice that flowers can bring a special charm and elegance to our daily lives in a simple and natural way? Most people like to have a beautiful planterat home! It can be in a corner of the house, in the balcony or in the kitchen…any place is a good one to have planters, big or small ones! So, if you are a plant lover and are looking for creative planters to place your flowers this is the post for you. We selected some unusual but awesome planters that will bring much more style to your house and be a perfect home for your plants.

The Rainy Pot

One of the cutest planters I have ever seen, the Rainy pot is a wall-hung flowerpot that allows your plants to be watered by raindrops. It has a cloud shaped water filter on top that releases gently some drops of water on your plant making the watering process less stressful for the plant apart of giving an extra charm for your house.

7 Creative Planters for Your House

Sky Planters

This innovative and different planter allows you to grow your plants upside down due its “Slo-Flo” internal irrigation system that feeds water directly to the plant´s roots. This planter is perfect for a person who doesn’t have enough space at home but still want some planters!

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Greenbo Pots

A set of planters designed especially for balconies, the Greenbo pots will save space in your house and also give a new look to the decoration. These planters allow you to place them safely on your balcony´s railing avoiding accidents and mess. Plastic made, it is durable and resistant and also fits any kind of railing!

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BBQ and Herb Planter

Maybe the most different planter of all times, this idea pieces together two totally different things: a barbecue and a planter! It is made of steel and coated in heat-insulating ceramic which gives a terra-cotta look to the planter that can be used to grow some herbs on top and make a delicious barbecue on the bottom.

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Pet House Planter

What about combining a beautiful and big planter with a house for your pet? Now you can do this with this creative and unique planter! Made of plastic, this planter is perfect for cats or small dogs and also for your herbs and flowers! Apart from this, its modern look will give a nice look for your house!

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Recycled Felt Planter

These amazing 100% recycled felt planterswill keep your planters protected and your house full of style! With a curious shape (it looks like a UFO) the felt planters are eco-friendly and they come with a dropper to help you during the watering times!

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Golly Pods Planters

These ones are perfect for people who like Sci-fi! Golly pods are unique planters that look like aliens or maybe a space station made either of ceramic or wood. Modern and well designed, these planters can transform any room in a different experience.

7 Creative Planters for Your House 7 7 Creative Planters for Your House