DIY: Toys Using Shoe Box

Football Table

A nice idea to keep your kids busy with a fun game is making them a football table using shoe box and some clothespins. Open the laterals of the box to create the goals, stick some skewers on the other two laterals and put the clothespins to make the players. A ping pong ball is perfect to use on the game.


Marble Maze

Perfect to develop kids’ motor skills and concentration this game is really simple to make. You can use the top part of the shoe box and some straws to create the maze. Make two holes to be the start and finishing point of it and a marble to play.



Every girl dreams with a dollhouse for her dolls. You can make a nice one using shoe boxes and lots of creativity. Use colorful papers and other kinds of boxes as matchboxes to make the furniture.


Mini Golf

Check if your kids have a good shot with this fun game. Use a big shoe box and make some holes on it. Put a score mark above each hole and use some golf or ping pong balls and a stick to play.


Car Park/ Garage

If your kids love playing with cars a nice idea is making a car park for them to play. Use one or more shoe boxes to create a nice miniature car parkwith traffic signs, a ramp and spaces for each car.


Puppets Theater

Raise your kids’ creativity with this idea! A puppets theater made of shoe box is perfect to your kids spend time in a nice and ludic activity with their friends without spending much money. You can use paper images and socks to make the puppets and the top of the shoe box to make the theater.


Basketball Court

This idea is really creative and not only kids but also adults will love. Make a basketball court using a shoe box and a mini basketball kit that you can find in any toy store. Make a hole on the box and attach the backboard on it.