Creative New Uses For Hangers

Even thoughhangerswere created with the specific purpose of hang clothes inside your closet, this doesn’t mean that you can´t find new and creative uses for this common and cheap invention. After searching a lot we selected the best ideas for repurposing hangers at home in a creative and easy way. So, if you have some left over at home, check out these simple DIY projects and remember: next time you buy clothes, check if the store offers the hanger! You won´t refuse one anymore!

Magazines Manger

Use hangers to organize some magazines and let them always available for your family and guests. This idea is perfect for waiting rooms and toilets! It is only place nails where you want to let the magazines and hang them!

Creative new uses for hangers 5

Recipe Holder

If you like cooking but always need the recipes near you a nice idea is using hangers with clips to hold them! Place the hanger in your cupboard knob and this will prevent the paper or book of getting dirty and wet. Apart of this, the recipe will be in a nice height for you when you need check it.

Creative new uses for hangers 2

Ribbon Organizer

If you like doing crafts and have lots of ribbons rolls around your house you can organize them using a hanger. The best hangers to this idea are the ones made of metal because you will need to open the bottom part to place the rolls. Use pliers to do that and after put all the rolls in use a large tape to close the gap you made.

Creative new uses for hangers 6

Package Closer

Do you know that hangers that usually come with clothes or underwear from supermarkets? Use their clips to close opened packages as biscuits and snacks packs. To separate the clips from the hanger use a plier or a saw.

Creative new uses for hangers 3

Wall Hooks

A creative and stylish idea is using hangers as hooks for clothes, bags or towels. You can place there in any room of your house, from the entrance to the bathroom. This will avoid the mess around the house and let the decoration of your home more creative.

Creative new uses for hangers 4

Picture Hangers

You can also use hangers to hang clothes, pictures and posters in your house. If they don’t come with clips you can buy some nice clothespins to use on them. For sure, this idea will bring a modern and beautiful look to your house.

Creative new uses for hangers 7

Book Rack

Use a metal hanger folded as a book and magazines rack! Use a plier to help you folding the hanger and place it on a wall. This idea is perfect for children’s room since they will always have books at sight to read and have fun!

Creative new uses for hangers 1