Cat/Kitten Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a little one at home that loves animals, especially cats, you can use this as a creative theme for his/her next birthday party! Cats are perfect to be used as a birthday theme party for kids since they are cute and curious animals and you can take lots of inspiration from them. Here we selected some easy ideas that you can incorporate in your cat partyto make it much more beautiful and attractive to the kids.

Cat Ears

Instead of using the traditional birthday hat why not making some cat earsfor the guest? They will be much more integrated with the party like this. You can also use a black makeup pencil to do some whiskers on them! They will love it!


Cat Paws

Something you can use to decorate the party is cat paws. You can reproduce them on the food, draw them on the floor and even make some paws for your kids to wear! Use some small old socks and some pieces of fabric glued on them to make cute cat paws.


Yarn Balls

Use the elements that cats love in the party is a nice idea and yarn balls are one of them! You can use real or fake ones to decorate some parts of the party; a box full of them is really nice idea! You can also hang some on the ceiling instead of using balloons.



Other things that cats love are mice! Use some soft small mice in the decoration are a good idea! You can also reproduce them on the food, half strawberries are perfect to it and something that kids usually love.


Cat Balloon

Transform the balloons of the party in cat faces using some simple materials. You can draw the face in the balloon using a permanent marker or use some pieces of paper to do that. In the end of the party you can give the balloons for the kids take home.


Cat Food

Of course you won’t serve real cat food for your guests, but you can use some snacks and cereal to create a fake cat foodfor the little ones. Use some labels to make it more fun and you can even place them in real cat feeders!


Adopt a Cat Basket

This is for sure my favorite idea! Place a basket full of soft cat toys and write “Adopt a cat” on it. The kids can go the basket and choose one of the cats to adopt and take home! A nice idea is giving them an “adoption certificate” where they can write their names, the cat name and take it to home!