DIY Reusing Wooden Crates

The wooden crates are so versatile that can be used to create dozens of different things. Used in the natural, varnished or painted, these boxes can make the difference in the most varied corners of your house and bring a style to your home worthy of a magazine. See in this post how to turn box crates into amazing and creative furniture for your home!

Side Tables

Place books, magazines, vases and whatever you want in a beautiful side table in your living room. Crates are perfect to this.


Extra Shelves

Extra Shelves are good in any room. If you need more space to organize your things a nice idea is using crates to do it.


Coffee Table

Put some crates together to create a nice coffee table for your living room. They will bring a rustic but elegant style to your house.



Extra places to sit are always good and you can create lots of them using some crates and flat cushions. Use the space inside the ottomans to store something!


Bedside Table

If you want a place to put your belongings in your room you can use one or more crates to do that. Decorate it with a nice lamp, flowers and your books.


Shoes Storage

If your closet is too small for your shoes you can improvise extra spaces using cranes. They are perfect to keep your shoes organized and always easy to find.


Toys Organizer

If you have kids at home you probably also have hundreds of toys. A nice and beautiful way to keep them all in one place is using cranes to organize the room. You can place them under the bed or even put some wheels to make the crates easy for your kids manipulate.


Pet’s Bed

A beautiful and durable option for your pet’s bed is a nice crate and a fluffy pillow. Your small friend will be much more comfortable and happy with this gift.


Herb Garden

If you don’t have a big garden at home but still dream about having your own plants and herbs always fresh at home, a nice idea is using crates to plant them. They are perfect for both big and small herbs.