Christmas Ideas

It is Christmas time and people are looking for creative ideas to decorate their house! Christmas ornaments are filling most of stores in the cities and the options are countless. However, if you are short of money and are looking for something simple but still beautiful and creative, have a look at these Christmas ornaments ideas made with paper rolls.

Paper Roll Flowers

This idea is perfect to decorate your Christmas tree! You can make lots of flowers using paper rolls and a bit of glitter. Cut the paper rolls in rings of 2 cm each. Press the rings with your hands until you shape them as flower petals. Join some of the petals together using normal or hot glue. When the petals are fixed cover the flower with glue and sprinkle some glitter on them. You can also use paint before putting the glitter to give a better look to your ornaments.

Christmas ornaments made with paper rolls

Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

This idea is really simple to make and you will only need paper rolls, green paint and glue. Following the same directions of the paper roll flower, you have to make lots of green flowers with five petals each. After that, glue the flowers to each other forming a circle. To give a nice effect you can make to layers of flowers one above the other intercalated. To give a nice finish you can glue small red beads on your wreath.

Christmas ornaments made with paper rolls (2)

Paper Roll Christmas Symbols

If you have kids at home and want an idea to make with them this is what you were looking for. Use paper rolls to create some of the symbols of Christmas as Santa Claus, Snowmen and reindeers and decorate your house. You can use paint or paper to cover the roll with the color needed and pieces of fabric, felt and ribbons to create the clothes. Use your imagination and be creative.

Christmas ornaments made with paper rolls (3)

Paper Roll Christmas Calendar Countdown

If you are looking for a different idea for your Christmas calendar countdown for this year, have a look at this one. Use paper rolls as packages for small daily gifts. Place the gift inside the roll and close it using nice ribbons! Place the day number on the roll and see your family amazed every day until Christmas with their small gifts.

Christmas ornaments made with paper rolls (4)