DIY Filled Clear Balloons

A real party needs balloons! Kids love them; they look beautiful in the photos and let the place more charming! Clear balloons are becoming more and more famous since they are versatile and can be used in any kind of party, from baby showers to wedding celebrations. Have a look on our list of creative fillings for clear balloonsand choose the best one for your party.

Clear Balloons Filled with Confetti

Confetti is perfect to be used inside clear balloons! They are easy to find, colorful and give a nice effect inside them. The secret is making the confetti in a really light paper as silk paper because they spread around the balloon and not stuck in the bottom. In the end of the party you can pop the balloons and have a rain of confetti everywhere.

Clear Balloons with Confetti

Clear Balloons Filled with Feathers

Feathers are delicate and charming, perfect to be used in a baby shower or a wedding party. You can choose the best color to match with the decoration of the party, fill the balloon and done!

Clear Balloons with Feather

Clear Balloons Filled with Glitter

If you want something more sparkling you can use glitter inside the clear balloons. This is a great idea because you can find them in many colors and sizes. Prefer the thicker ones to call more attention.

Clear Balloons with Glitter

Clear Balloons Filled with Flowers or Leaves

You can bring nature inside your party using flower and leaves inside clear balloons. It doesn’t matter if they are natural or fake, they will bring an elegant look and a romantic atmosphere to your party.

Clear Balloons with Flowers

Clear Balloons with Another Balloon Inside

A bit more complicated but still worth it, putting a balloon inside another one is beautiful and perfect to decorate any kind of party! You can find how to make this balloons in this tutorial on youtube:

Clear Balloons with Another Balloon Inside