Creative Ideas for Pallets

Do you have pallets at home and don’t know how to use or what to do with them? These last days we received many messages from our followers on our facebook page and they keep asking us to write something related to pallets.We searched about it on internet and we found creative ideas reusing pallets in different and simple projects. To start with, we are going to show you how to make a coffee table using old pallets in simple steps:

1) Washing and Sandpapering

First of all, wash your pallet very well and put it to somewhere until it dries. As you know, pallets have a rough surface and this is something you may not want on your coffee table. Because of this, you need a sandpaper to get rid of this rough surface.There are different kinds of them but we highly recommend a thin one because it will give a smoother surface. After this, you must start sanding thepallet disappearing with all of the roughness from your pallets. After sanding, there will be sawdust on pallet, clean all of them with a dry brush.This was the most exhausting part of the work, don’t worry because the next steps will be more enjoyable.

Coffee Table with Pallets (4)

2) Painting

Yes, now your pallet is ready to be dyed (a common mistake during wood painting is that most people use the wrong kind of paint to dye woods. Be sure the one you have is appropriate for your pallet).Paint your pallet with a thin string brush.You can use different colors for different surfaces or you can paint all in same color.It is your choice and this will show your taste.Put your pallet in a clean place after you finish painting and wait until it get dry.

Coffee Table with Pallets (3)

3) Wheels on the bottom

The next step is preparing the bottom of your coffee table.You can use four small wheels to support it and move it easily when you decide to change its place.There are many different types of wheels that you can use, choose the best one for you but, of course, they must have the same size.Then, assemble the wheels on the four bottom corners of the pallet using screws and a drill. Turn your coffee table downside up and it is ready to be used!

coffee table with pallets (2)

4) Decorating

After all of these steps, your coffee table will have a nice but simple look.So, we have some little tips for you to decorate it and make the room more charming.

coffee table with pallets