Creating Accessories With Button

Buttons are so common today that sometimes we don´t pay attention in their role in the fashion world. However, most of the time, they are responsible for the charm and difference of the look. So, in this post we will help you to make creative accessories using buttons. You can create new ones and even renovate the old pieces in your closet. Use your imagination and have fun!

Belt :You can customize yourold belt or even create a new one using buttons! If your old belt is made of cloth you can sew buttons along it but if it is made of leather you will need to fix the buttons with a special glue (contact cement is a good one). To create a new belt you will need a strip of cloth or a thick thread (measure the size of your hips). Sew the buttons on the strip or pass the thread inside the buttons´ holes until you get them all fixed along your new belt!

Creative Accessories With Buttons Belts

Shoes : You can transform your old shoes in new ones only using buttons! Be creative and decorate them as you like! You can glue buttons all around them or only make some details. In flip flops you can decorate the strips and make them unique! As it happens with the belt, if you can´t sew thebuttons the best option is use a strong glue to fix them.

Creative Accessories With Buttons shoes

Bags :Give a colorful and creative look to your bag decoratingit with buttons. You can just sew them all around or use the buttons to create some figures: flowers, hearts, balls and even cartoon characters! Use different sizes, colors and shapes of buttons to create a nice decorationand impress all your friends!

Creative Accessories With Buttons Bags

Hair Accessories :Decorating your hair with buttons is really charming and creative. It brings a vintage and romantic look to your hairstyle and it´s really easy to do it. You can sew some buttons in a large elastic thread or in an old hair band. You can also glue one or two buttons in a booby pin or barrette. These ideas will make you look creative and fashion!

Creative Accessories With Buttons Hair Accessories

*Necklaces:* Use the buttons to decorate your simple chains! You can mix colors and kinds of buttons and makebeautiful necklaces for any occasion. If you don´t have a chain you can use fishing line to join them and create a necklace all made of buttons!

Creative Accessories With Buttons necklaces

Earrings :Big or small, you can make any kind of earrings with buttons. Join some of them together in a chain or only glue one in a small earring. It doesn’t matter the size, you will surely call the attention for your creativity and innovative way of dressing yourself!

Creative Accessories With Buttons Earings