Bathroom Ideas

Towels, cosmetics, toiletries…. So many things we have to store in our bathroom but most of the times not enough space to do that! If you are trying to organize your bathroom but have no idea of what to do, we have the solution for you! We selected some simple and creative ideas that will help you with this task and make your bathroom beautifully organized.


These simple seagrass baskets are perfect to store big and small items! You can hang them on the bathroom´s wall and place extra towels and cosmetics! Use a long towel bar and some hooks to make an entire wall with them!

Creative bathroom storage ideas

Mason jars

Perfect to store small toiletries as cotton, swabs and soaps, mason jars are really useful when the subject is organizing! You can attach them in a piece of wood and hang on the wall or just place them in a small shelf. If you want you can glue a handle on the jar´s lid or even adapt a pump soap dispenser in it!

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Wooden Box

Transform some old wooden boxes in shelves for your bathroom! Apart from helping in the organization they will bring a charming rustic look to the room! You can sand and paint the box to match with the decoration of your bathroom or use it in the original form.

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If you have a bit more space in the bathroom and the problem is only lack of places to put your objects a nice idea is using an old ladder. It will serve as a set of shelves! If the steps are not large enough, you can place some wood plates on it to store more things.

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Use buckets as baskets to place small objects in your bathroom! You can use a hook to hang the bucket and have your toiletries at hand when you need them. A nice idea is using some colorful contact paper to let the bucket more charming!

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Hanging Fruit Baskets

Changing the objects inside but not the purpose of it, you can use a hanging fruit basket to organize not the kitchen, but the bathroom! Place your cosmetics and even kids toys to let them always tidy and together.

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Old Chair

If you have an old chair at home don´t throw it away! Use all of it or even just a part to help in the organization of your bathroom. How? Chairs are perfect to hold extra towels and they give a creative and different look to the room! It is worth a try!

Creative bathroom storage ideas (7)

Terracotta Pots

Not only to serve as planters in a garden, terracotta pots can also be used as a storage place for small things as toiletries and hair accessories. A nice idea is making some holes in a piece of wood and put some pots in it! You will save space and organize your objects at same time!

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Wine Racks

Nothing can be more appropriate to hold extra towels than a wine rack! Apart from charming it keeps them well tide and always at hand when necessary!

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