DIY Wine Glasses

Throwing parties is not always easy. You have to think about lots of things: food, drinks, guests and decoration. If there will be tables in your party it is important to decorate them with beautiful centerpieces. However, it is not always that we have enoughcenterpieces for all the tables or enough money for that! If you are facing this problem have a look at these easy and elegant ideas using decorated wine glasses transforming them in amazing centerpiecesfor any kind of situation.

Candle Holder Wine Glass Centerpiece

In this idea you will only need some wine glasses, simple large candles and some flowers (natural or fake). Put the glass upside down on the table placing the flower inside them! The candle will be on top of the glass! You can use a trio of glasses in each table to give a better look and try to match the color of flowers with the decoration of the party!

Creative centerpieces made with wine glasses (3)

Mini-Lamps Centerpieces

Very elegant and simple, this idea is perfect for special and romantic dinners! It is only place a tea light candle inside the glass and cover it with a piece of vellum paper in a lamp shape. You can use LED tea lights if your glasses are not long enough to protect the flame of touching the paper.

Creative centerpieces made with wine glasses (5)

Wine Glasses As Vases

You can transform wine glasses in delicate small vases to decorate your tables. Choose the best flowers to match with your party and make small bouquets. Place them inside the glasses with a bit of water or even some moss.

Creative centerpieces made with wine glasses (2)

Wine Glasses With Christmas Ornaments

For Christmas a nice idea is fill wine glasses with Christmas ornament balls. Choose the best colors for your decoration and spread the glasses around the table. You can also use the candle holder idea for Christmas replacing the flowers for ornaments!

Creative centerpieces made with wine glasses

Wine Glasses With Beads

If you want a more colorful and glowing decoration you can use beads! Choose some beads that will match with your party decoration and fill the wine glasses with them! There are lots of ways to do that, it is only use your creativity! This idea is perfect for teenager parties and themed ones!

Creative centerpieces made with wine glasses (4)