Christmas Ornaments

Christmas timeis always beautiful and creative with lots of different ideas todecorate your house using the most different materials and objects. One of these ideas is becoming more and more famous between Christmas lovers nowadays: the filled ornaments. Really simple and easy to do, Christmas filled ornaments are very versatile and give you thousands of possibilities to decorate your house in a different way each year.

These ornaments are nothing more that clear ornaments (that you can buy in any craft shop) filled with a variety of materials of your choice. To show you the how wide are the possibilities we selected some nice ideas that you can use to fill your ornaments creating different themes and colors to your Christmas decoration! Choose your favorite ones and Merry Christmas!

Pine Tree Leaves Christmas Ornaments

You can use one of the Christmas symbols as a decorative material at home! Fill the ornaments with pine tree leaves and give some color with little flowers or pine cones. Naturally beautiful!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments

Photos Chrismast Ornaments

What about using your family asChristmas decoration? Fill the ornaments with beautiful pictures from each member of the family and special moments! Your Christmas tree will be transformed in a family album to your guests appreciate!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (2)

Fake snow Christmas Ornaments

What can be more appropriate than snow? Use fake ones or even coarse salt to give the impression that you brought the outside to the inside of your house!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (3)

Beads Creative Christmas Ornaments

Make your house more colorful using beads as filling to your ornaments. Apart from being cheap they give an amazing effect inside clear ornaments. You can change the color of your Christmas decoration every year!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (4)

Sequins And Glitter Christmas Ornaments

If you like something more sparkling you can use instead of beads, sequins and glitters! They will make your house shine when you turn on the lights of your Christmas tree!

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Use some leftover fabric you have at home to fill yourChristmas ornaments! Cut them in strings or just squeeze a piece inside the ornaments to create colorful and different decoration. Tulles are perfect to be used in this idea!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (5)

Paper Strings Christmas Ornaments

Don´t throw away the leftover paper after wrapping your Christmas present! Cut them in strings and use to fill your Christmas ornaments! You can also use old magazines and newspapers to do this!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (6)

Food Christmas Ornaments

Yes, FOOD! Some are perfect to be used as ornament fillings! Popcorn, marshmallows, coffee beans, small fruits, M&Ms… Anything that fits inside the ornaments can be a nice possibility to be used. Remember to clean the ornament before filling and to put the food in a natural temperature or your ornament will fog!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (7)

Buttons Christmas Ornaments

Cheap and easy to be found buttons are perfect to be used as ornament fillings. Choose the colors you want to use or mix lots of them to create a colorful decoration!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (8)

Seashells Christmas Ornaments

If you want to give a beach look to your Christmas decoration and forget how cold it is outside you can use beach elements inside your Christmas ornaments! Sand and seashells are perfect to that!

Creative Christmas Filled Ornaments (9)