Christmas Tree

If you are looking for some creative but simple dishes to serve your guests in the Christmas meals you will love this post! We selected some easyfood ideasusing as inspiration one of the most important symbols of this special day: the Christmas tree! Have a look in our options and choose the best ones for you and your family! Bon appetite!

You can create a delicious Christmas tree salad using some simple ingredients! Use green vegetables as broccoli, lettuce or cucumber to make the Christmas tree and cherry tomatoes, olives, carrots and peppers as the ornaments of the tree. Make a nice sauce to dress your salad and enjoy it!

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Following the same structure of the vegetables idea you can use different kind of fruits to build your Christmas fruit tree. Green grapes and kiwis are perfect to represent the tree while berries, peaches and other fruits can be used as the ornaments. A Christmas tree shaped tray would help a lot in this idea!

Christmas Tree Snack Ideas

A nice idea to entertain your guests while the main dishes are not ready is give them something delicious to nibble. Cheese and tomatoes are always a good and elegant idea for you to serve. Better will be if you create a Christmas tree using them! This will let your guests amazed!

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Can you imagine mini pizzas shaped as Christmas tree? This cute idea is really simple to do! After your pizza is ready cut it in small triangles and put small decoration on top (tomatoes and pepper are perfect). If you have a cookie cutter shaped as Christmas tree you can easily cut the pizza before baking!

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Following the same idea used to the pizza you can also use a cookie cutter shaped as Christmas tree to make delicious mini sandwiches! If you don’t have this tool in your kitchen it is only cut the bread in triangles and decorates it.

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Your Christmas dessert will be much fun with this cute idea! Decorate some brownies with candies and green topping to make cute little Christmas tree. This idea will be a success among kids and adults.

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