Coffee Tables

Designed to support beverages, magazines books and other small items, coffee tables nowadays are much different from their original style. It was in Europe, in the Victorian age, that this elegant piece was created to be used as a fixed tray with high legs to make the tea time easier. However, times changes and also the coffee tables! Now, much shorter and more modern that they used to be, coffee tables became an essential piece in every house, bringing style and charm to the room. In this post we will show you some different and cool types of coffee tables that will enchant even the weirdest tastes.

Coffee Table for Car Lovers

If you are crazy about cars and everything related to this subject, here we have some crazy and different ideas for you to create your coffee table. Pieces of cars as engines, wheels and even the car suspensions are perfect objects to create an unique coffee table for your home or office. You will only need to clean them (or paint) and place a piece of glass on top! If you decide to use the engine you will have more than a simple coffee tablesince you can use the roles to store bottles, magazines, newspapers and other stuff.

Coffee table for car lovers

Coffee Tables for Game Lovers

Do you remember the time when you used to play table football or pinball? Some boys were crazy to have these machines at home! If you have an old pinball machine or football table and they are not useful for you anymore, you can transform them in a different and creative coffee tableto your house bringing a nostalgic look to your living room. Other nice idea for the game lovers is to createfixed game boards on the surface of your coffee table: chess, checkers, Ludo, Scrabble, Chinese checkers, backgammon…. Choose your favorite ones and paint their boards on your coffee table. If you are not good at painting you can make a shallow hole on the surfaceand dovetail the boards in it! Use some nice jars or small bowls to store the dices and pieces of the game on it and have fun!

Coffee tables for game lovers

Coffee Table for Music Lovers

Do you play any musical instrument? Are you crazy about music and all the things it involves? You can bring this passion to your home creating unique coffee tables with different musical instruments and objects! What about using those old but valuable guitars, sax or violins as a decoration for your coffee table? Apart from bringing a nice look they will be safe of damages behind the glass! Another idea is to use some parts of drums to be the base of your coffee table! It is only place a glass on it and it’s done! A round and musical inspired piece to your home! However, if you prefer a more vintage look you can use some old vinyl records to cover the surface of your coffee table (use a glass to protect them) and bring style and music to home!

Coffee table for music lovers