Creative Craft Vegetables

Looking for some nice ideas to use with your kids during their free time at home? School holidays are always difficult for parents since kids always want something nice to do and they don´t be distracted easily. What about using some things you have at home to entertain your kids and at same time rise their creativity and imagination? Painting is always a good option to that and they love it but, to make this idea funnier, you can use some pieces of vegetable as stamps! Look at these creative ideas we selected for you:

1) Celery Stamp

Use the bottom of celery as a stamp to create big and beautiful flowers! If you want smaller ones you can tie the celery to make it

Creative craft – Using vegetables as stamps 1

2) Apple Stamp

Easy and perfect to work as stamps, apples can be used in children activities but also to print fabrics! A nice table towel or a bag would be good ideas for this!

Creative craft – Using vegetables as stamps 2

3) Pepper Stamp

When you cut a pepper in the half you came across a different shape that looks like something between a flower and a clover. This is a nice idea for St. Patrick’s Day activity with kids.

Creative craft – Using vegetables as stamps 3

4) Okra Stamp

If you prefer more delicate and cute stamps you can try an okra! When cut in the middle they become perfect small flowers that can be used to decorate cards and letters!

Creative craft – Using vegetables as stamps 5

5) Potato Stamp

The most versatile vegetable, the potato, can be transformed in any kind of stamp. Cut them in the half and use a sharped knife to carve the shape you desire. A nice idea is using a cookie cutter to help you molding the shape.

Creative craft – Using vegetables as stamps 4