Decorate your Terra-Cotta Pot Planters

Plants always bring a fresh and natural look to home. Having some pot plants inside the house with beautiful flowers or useful herbs is something everybody should give a try.Plants kept in pots are a good option for small places and busy people because they don’t take too much space and are easily transported. One of the best types of pots to put your plants inis theterra-cotta ones since they can easily preserve the moisture and let the air flow. In this post we are going to show you how to decorate terra-cotta potplants in creative and easy DIY projects.

Fabric Pot Plants

Fabrics are an easy and cheap way to decorate your pot plant! They can give a nice new look to them and, when you finish the work, you will have a colorful patchwork pot for your plants! First you need to paint the terra-cotta pot in white (this will prepare the background to the fabrics) and wait for it dry. Choose some pieces of fabric with nice prints that match with each other, cut them in square pieces and start gluing them in your pot (you can use fabric glue). Smooth well the pieces while you are gluing in order to let them straight and with no bubbles. After covering all, apply a coat of glue in the entire surface to fix any loose part. Use a permanent pen to make some details in the fabric giving the impression the pieces were sewed together. You can tie a lace or a rope to make it more stylish!

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 2

Twigs Pot Plant

If you want a more natural look to match with your plant you can use some twigs to cover your pot. Look for some twigs in a good width to give you some nice slices. Cut the twigs with an appropriate tool making round pieces in different sizes but same width. Glue the twigs in the pot plant using wood glue.

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 1

Painted Pot Plants

The most common way to decorate your terra-cotta pot is with paint. Due to the material, this kind of pots are really easy to be painted and they don´t require much work. Choose what color (or colors) you want to use and hands on work. It is important to prepare the pot first applying some coats of white paint. This will make the final color looks better and bright and your pot plant more beautiful. Chalk paint is a good idea if you want to write the name of the plants in the pot.

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 3

Lace Pot Plants

As with fabric, you can also use laces to decorate your terra-cotta pots. Apply glue to the pot and place the laces on it any way you like. You can paint the pot first or use in the natural color. This will give them a romantic and simple look.

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 4

Mosaic Pot Plant

Beautiful but hardworking, creating a mosaic in your pot plant will require ability and patience. First you will need some broken tiles or ceramic (the easiest way to have them is putting an entire tile or ceramic object in a bag and let them in pieces using a hammer but if you want specific shapes you will need to use a two-wheeled tile cutter). Spray some primer in the pot´s surface to prepare it and, after it is dry, start gluing the tiles pieces using ceramic glue or tile adhesive. Affix the pieces on the pot as you want, leaving some spaces between them. Spread some white mosaic grout on the pot, filling the spaces between the tiles and wait it dry. Wipe the excess off the tile pieces with a wet sponge.

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 5

Label Pot Plants

You can make some creative and beautiful labels on your pot plants only using adhesive letters and paint! Write the name of your herbs, the specie of your flowers or a nice message with these simple steps. Stick the adhesive letters in your pot plant forming the word or sentence you want. Apply some glue of your choice on the stickers suing a brush and wait for it dries. Remove the stickers carefully from the pot. Done!

Creative decorations to terra-cotta pot plants 6