DIY Food Ideas

Looking for some nice ideas to impress your guests in your next dinner or party? We selected some creative and easy ideas that will make your dishes more beautiful and attractive to all of your guests and it doesn´t matter how old are they!

Sometimes creating a nice decoration to the food you will serve in a party is more exhausting than preparing the dish itself. Usually food decoration is really time consuming and needs lots of accessories and tolls to do it. Because of this we decided to show you some simple and beautiful ways of decorating the food you will serve in no more than some minutes.

1) Spiral Food Shape

Practical and really creative, this idea can be used in different kinds of food: cucumbers, potatoes, sausages, carrots… You only need to stick them in a skewer and cut them in spiral. Thinner you cut more turns you will have.

Creative food decoration 1

2) Flower Food Shape

Charming and really beautiful, flowers are always inspiring any kind of decoration and why not using them to decorate your dishes. Use a cookie cutter in shape of flower to cut vegetables, bread and cheese. You can also use rings of pepper as a mold! Fry an egg inside them to have a perfect flower!

Creative food decoration 2

3) Heart Food Shape

If you are preparing a romantic dinner this idea is perfect for you! Hearts everywhere: from salad to the dessert. Use cookie cutter in a heart shape to cut vegetables, bread and cheese. You can also use sausages or tomatoes to create hearts! They are perfect to do that!

Creative food decoration 3

4) Circle Food Shape

Something simpler but still beautiful are the circle shaped food. Use bacon or onion rings as mold to eggs, chicken or other kinds of food. Use a cookie cutter to make round sandwiches or an ice cream scoop to give ball shape to fruits as watermelon, melon and mango!

Creative food decoration 4