Halloween Ideas

Looking for nice ideas to decorate your dishes on Halloween? We searched for the best on internet and place all of them together in this post! Decorating drinks and food with simple ingredients can transform your table in a scary and tasty set that will enjoy all of your guests. Have a look in these options and be creative! I am sure your party will be unforgettable.

Use all of your sculptor side to create these scary and ugly heads with apples. Use a sharp knife to make the face and throw them inside your punch bowl or juice jar! Apart from letting your drinks creepy they will let a nice taste on them. You can also stick some heads along your table and create a macabre atmosphere.

Halloween foor decoration 1

Black olives are perfect to be used as spiders on top of snacks and dishes. Use half of one for the body and small pieces for the legs! Your menu will be much more delicious with these creepy animals on them!

Halloween foor decoration 2

Use some jello worms to decorate your drinks and desserts. You can buy them ready in candy shops or make them at home. Just prepare the Jello and use some straws as mold for them (don´t forget to close one of the straw edges to block the liquid of going out). Take to the fridge for some hours and use a knife to remove them from the straws! Simple and easy.

Halloween foor decoration 3

Use some oranges as small pumpkins to serve small portions of food or candies! Remove the inside part of the orange with a knife and a spoon. Make faces on them as we are used to do on the pumpkins and then fill it with food! Fruit salad is a nice idea to place inside it!

Halloween foor decoration 4

Make the atmosphere of your dishes scarier transforming some boiled eggs in cute ghosts! Use pieces of black olives, pepper or even sesame seeds to make the eyes and place them on your salad! Guests will love this tasty idea!

Halloween foor decoration 5