Halloween Food Ideas

If you are thinking about throwing a Halloween party you have to consider a creative menu that will attract not only the taste of your guests but also their eyes. A nice idea is bringing the theme of the party to the table and use food as party of the decoration. We selected some creative and easy Halloween food ideas for you to serve in your Halloween party that will delight (and scare) all of your guests, kids and adults.

Sausage Mummy Rolls

These friendly and tasty mummies are a perfect idea for any kind of Halloween party. Really simple to do, you only have to use a common recipe for bread and use some dough stripes to roll the sausages as mummies. After baking them you can use mustard, ketchup or sesame seeds to create the eyes.

Halloween Creative Food Ideas 1

Hot Dog Worms

Use some stripes of sausages as worms to hot dogs. Boil them, cut in thin stripes and mix with tomatoes, onions and even pepper. Make a red sauce to let them scarier and fill a hot dog bread with them. Despite looking creepy I am sure it won´t be a hot dog left over after the party.

Halloween Creative Food Ideas 2

Halloween Pizza

Pizza is a really easy dish to be decorated specially for Halloween parties. Use cheese, tomato, sausages and olives to do that. You can make a mummy using stripes of cheese and olives or a spider web! Make Jack O´Lantern using slices of sausages to create the face or melted cheese to create ghosts. Be creative and have fun!

Halloween Creative Food Ideas 3

Egg Eyes

If you want a bit of finger food to entertain your guests, a nice idea is using boiled eggs as creepy eyes. Cut them in the middle and use a bit of ketchup, tomatoes or carrots in thin stripes to make the eyes ‘veins. Use a slice of olive in the middle to create the eye effect. To let your egg tastier you can remove the yolk and mix with some spices and mayonnaise and then put it back again.

Halloween Creative Food Ideas 4

Broom Cheese

Another finger food idea for your Halloween party is brooms made with cheese and pretzel sticks. Fold a slice of cheese (cheddar is a good one) in the middle and cut one of the edges making fringes in it. After that roll the cheese and fit the pretzel in the middle of the roll. You can use a stripe of chive to hold the cheese in the pretzel. Tasty and easy!

Halloween Creative Food Ideas 5