DIY Halloween

Halloween is an important date in many countries around the world and creative ideas for this date are always showing up on internet. We selected five interesting food projects that can be used to enjoy your guests and at same time decorate your party in an easy and fun way. Check out these creative Halloween food party ideas!

Pretzel Witch Fingers

Creepy but tasty these finger will be a success among adults and kids! Deep your pretzels in melted white chocolate with a bit of green food coloring and place them in a tray. Before the chocolate dry, make some detail in it to let them similar to a finger. Place a slice of almond on top of it and take to the fridge for some hours! Easy and delicious!

Creative DIY Halloween Parties Ideas 1

Pretzel Bones

You can make perfect bones only using some pretzel sticks, marshmallows and a bit of white chocolate. Stick the marshmallows in the pretzel´s edge, melt the white chocolate and deep your bone in it. Place them on a tray and take to a fridge for some hours! Serve them all together in a bowl to give a nice and creepy look.

Creative DIY Halloween Parties Ideas 2

Strawberry Chocolate Monsters

Use some strawberries dipped in melted chocolate to make some Halloween characters. Use white chocolate to make ghosts and mummies or put a bit of food coloring to make characters as Jack O´Lantern and Frankenstein. Use dark chocolate for bats, spiders and vultures. This will be the tastiest monsters ever!

Creative DIY Halloween Parties Ideas 3

Halloween Gingerbread

Do you know that cute little biscuits that we usually make at Christmas time? They can be transformed in little monsters with a bit of creativity and time. Use some icing to create zombies, skeletons, vampires and anything your creativity allows you. Kids will love them!

Creative DIY Halloween Parties Ideas 4

Halloween Jello Jars

Use somedecorated jars with Jello inside to create nice and tasteful desserts. Orange, green, red and blue are perfect to create a beautiful decoration to your party and at same time serve your guests with something delicious and easy to prepare!

Creative DIY Halloween Parties Ideas 5