Decorative Glasses

Are you going to throw a party and want to make an especial decoration? Maybe we can help you with some simple and creative DIY projects about decorative glasses. All of them are very easy and you won´t need to spend much money to transform simple glasses in special ones that will bring an incredible look to your party. Choose one that will fit better with the decoration and the theme of your party and get your hands dirty!

Balloon Glasses

You can give a new look to the glassesand jarswhich you are going to use in a party using balloons. You will let them funnier and even help your guests identify their glasses by the color. You only need to cut the top of you balloon and use the bottom part to “dress” your glasses and jars. If the container is too large you may have to make a small hole in the bottom of the balloon too in order to fit it better.

Creative DIY Party Glasses 1

Glitter Glasses

Want a more sophisticated look to your party? This project will make all your drinks shine in your guest´s hands! Choose what color (or colors) you want to apply in your glasses and buy some glue glitter. Soak a sponge in the glue glitter and apply it in the glass pressing it gently. You can do it in the entire glass (remember to save the place where people put their lips) or only in the bottom of it. After the being washed they will come back to normal again!

Creative DIY Party Glasses 2

Spray Glasses

Spray paints are a simple and easy way to give a different look to your glasses. You can make amazing effects putting some rubber bands or stickers before applying the spray paint. They will let your glasses incredible! Remember to protect the area where you will work or you will have more than glasses painted. Apply the paint in a good distance and try to make a thin coat. Only remove the rubber bands or the stickers after the glass is completely dry. Frosted glass spray paints are incredibly nice for this project!

Creative DIY Party Glasses 3

Nail Polish Glasses

Give a marble look to the bottom of your glasses using only nail polish and water. First you need to protect the glass with a tape, only letting the bottom part out. In a glass of water, put a few drops of polish nail in different colors. Use a stick to mix them gently and soak the bottom of the glass in the nail polish coat that will form (it will immediately stick in the glass). Wait it to dry and apply a base nail coat to protect the effect. After it is very dry you can remove the tape.

Creative DIY Party Glasses 4

Stickers Glasses

If you need something faster or don´t have much ability to work with paints, you can use simple stickers to give a nice look to your glasses. Circles, stars, hearts… use your imagination and make your glasses be the center of attention in your party. After it is over, it is only removing the stickers and you will have your simple glasses back again.

Creative DIY Party Glasses 5