Family Wall Ideas

All family houses should have a wall which shown how happy and united they are, a place to remember that family is important and that they had lived lots of happy moments together. If you are thinking about making a family wall or if you want to give a new look to yours check out these creative and beautiful ideas that we selected for you.

Family Tree Wall

What can be more appropriate to a family wall than a family tree? Paint a beautiful tree with a big trunk and lots of braches and in each one put a picture of a family member. This will remember them that even if they grow in different directions they come from the same root and are a family!

Creative family wall ideas 1

Time Stopped Clocks

Some moments of our lives stay forever in our mind. Why not show them in stopped clocks on your wall. The time that your children were born with their picture and names would be really cute or maybe the time you first met and got married with your love. Be creative and stop the time.

Creative family wall ideas 2

Handprint Family Wall

Let your family´s mark using your hands! Easy and cute this idea will be a nice memory after some time! Handprint all family

member´s hand in a canvas or a piece of paper and put a beautiful frame on it. Now complement the wall with happy pictures that show how happy you are!

Creative family wall ideas 3

Family Wall Quotes

Some sentences can touch us deeply and become our life quote! Why not write some inspirational statements in your family´s wall to remember how you are important for each other. You can also use words that are important for you! It´s certain that this will help your family remember what is important in difficult times.

Creative family wall ideas 4

Important Places Map

If your family story crossed many places in the country or even the world, you can immortalize these places using maps! The place where you first met you love, where you got married, were your kids were born… Use some pins to identify the exactly place and label with! After all, some places are unforgettable.

Creative family wall ideas 5