Handprint Ideas

Are you looking for a craft project to spend a creative weekend with your kids? So, we are going to help you: Hand Print ART! It seems a bit dangerous for moms who doesn’t want a mess at home but during these activities kids will love to spend time with you.

In this project the most important thing that you should be careful about is the type of the paint that you are going to use.It must be a non-toxic type to not damage the skin and also washable ones, this will help you to remove the paint from hands easily after work.The most common paints are tempera and acrylic.It is up to you to choose the type but try to avoid the runny ones, because they will mess up your work and it wont give you the exact shape of handprints.

Handprint on Pillows

For this idea the best option is the acrylic paint because it is a fast-drying paint and also can be diluted with water and becomes water- resistant when it dries.During your work you can supply the paint directly to your kid’s hands. This will prevent the wasting of it and also the undesireble mess. You can make different figures using their hands: flowers, animals or just their hands.

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Handprint on Canvas

This idea will be good one if you want to decorate your kids’ room with their work. You will need to get a canvas paint frame and help your kids to leave the handprints on it.

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Handprint on Fabric Bags

This idea is a perfect one for Mother’s Day.If you have a little brother or sister and want to surprise your mom then take a fabric bag and print their hands or feet on it. Remember that for fabric the best option is the acrilic paint due to its resistence to water.

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Handprint on Clothes

Perfect to be used on special days you can decorate your kids clothes and also yours with some handprint ideas! Use the acrilic paint for this project and make the stamp last longer! Let your magination fly and use your creativity!

Handprint crafts