Vintage Decoration

Making a vintage decoration at home is same as visiting grandma’s house. Vintage is the combination of many styles, mainly using items from the 40´s and 50´s, and it is increasingly gaining space since it is dedicated, romantic and full of personality.

The vintage decoration is extremely charming but simple so you don´t need to spend a lot of money to create a vintage atmosphere at home. The secret lies in the details and key objects that are able to tell stories. Here we selected some simple and cheap ideas that you can use to create a vintage style in your house and create a lovely place for you and your family.

Old Tea/Coffee Sets

Do you know that old cups your grandma used to serve tea or coffee in the afternoon to her guests? Really colorful and full of details these lovely tea sets are perfect to create a vintage look in your kitchen. Mix lots of sets and let them in a visible place. You can also use them as candle holders or to store small things.

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 3

Old Cans

Use some old cans with labels from past to store objects at home or to serve as planters. You can find thousands of vintagelabels to be printed on the internet. Glue them in an old can and place them in all corners of your home!

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 1

Old Photo Frames

Use them to decorate walls at home. You don´t need necessarily place photos in the frames, you can use your imagination framing old objects, mirrors or even organizing your jewelry in it. If you decide to use a photo in the frame give preference to a black and white one! A nice idea is use spray paint to change the color of the frame to match with the decoration of your room.

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 2

Crochet Doilies

One of the most vintage objects at home is the doilies. Lovely and charming, they can be used in different parts of the house to give a vintage and charming look to your home. You can use some fabric glue to place them in jars, cushions and even walls. This will bring a last century look to your home.

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 4

Old Books

Nothing can be more vintage and charming than using old books in the decoration of your home. Use the ones with hard cover and with a really old look. If you buy used ones is better because they must give an impression of being used for long time. Place them on shelves, bookcases and even on coffee tables.

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 5

Old Suitcases

Durable and charming, old suitcases are perfect to be used as furniture at your home. You can place them next to bed to serve as bedside table or in the living room as coffee table. You can hang them on the wall to make shelves or use only as decorative object in a corner of your house. If their color doesn’t suit you, use some spray paint to change it.

Creative ideas for a vintage decoration 6