DIY Mirrors Frames

“Mirror, mirror mine… There is someone beautiful than me?” Mirrors are essential objects in our daily lives. Even in fairy tales they have an important role and it´s almost impossible to live without them. Because of this we decide to dedicate an entire post to them and show you how to decorate your mirrors in a creative and original way!

Mirrors are essential objects in any place! Humans’ beings have a love affair with these objects since they give us the opportunity to admire ourselves in them. Even the poorest homes have a small mirror to help us in our basic cares as brushing our teeth, combing our hair or dressing. Apart of this useful utility mirrors became through the years a decorative objectto any space bringing elegance and style. Check out some ideas to transform your mirrors frames in a truly masterpiece!

Mirro Frame Using Ropes

You can create a frame to your mirror only using ropes. This idea will adds some texture to your wall and bring a nautical decor styleto your room. You will only need some pieces of ropes and a strong glue (cement glue is the best one). Then it is only glue the rope along the mirror twice. You can make some details as some knots or laces. Be creative!

Creative ideas to decorate your mirror using mirrors

Mirro FrameUsing Pin Clothes

Yes! You canuse pin clothes todecorate your mirror and they will simply look amazing! Probably the easiest way totransform your mirror, you will only need to color your pins as you want and hold them along the mirror. If it already has a frame you can use glue to fix the pins on it. Apart from being a nice and creative frame, clothe pins are useful because you can hang some pictures or notes in your mirror!

Creative ideas to decorate your mirror using pin clothes

Mirro FrameUsing Plastic Spoons

My favorite, this technique brings a totally different look to your mirror and after it is ready, nobody can says the only thing you use were plastic spoons! First, you need to make a frame to your mirrorusing box paper or wood. Then, separate the round part of the spoon from the handle and glue the round parts along the frame. You can make many layers as you want. After it´s ready use some paint in spray to give it a nice color. Now it´s only fix the mirror inside the frame, hang on a wall and wait for the compliments.

Creative ideas to decorate your mirror using plactic spoons

Mirro FrameUsing Natural Materials

If you want togive a natural look to your homeyou can use some objects from nature. Wood, seashells, seeds, sand and even stones are amazing to transform your mirror in a creative decorative object! Use your imagination and bring nature to your home! Your family and friends will be impressed and your home will be more beautiful.

Creative ideas to decorate your mirror using natural materials

Mirro FrameUsing Toys

This last idea seems crazy but it isn´t. This is a nice way to reuse old toysfrom your kids and create a mirror to decorate their room. Kids can help you in this task choosing the toys they would like you to add in their frame. Be creative and use as many objects you can to give a funny and nice look to it. Use a wood frame to glue all the objects (cars, animals, dinosaurs, dolls, Legos, dices…) anything you think will be nice to have there. Than use a spray to paint all in the same color to give a decorative and appropriate look! I´m sure your kids will love to see some of their oldtoys hanging on their wall.

Creative ideas to decorate your mirror using toys