Organizing Toys Cars

Organizing children’s toys is not an easy task and, apart of organizing, it is important to be aware that toys need to be accessible to children so they can play and put them back after all. . If you are a super organized person and like everything in its proper place, you will love the ideas we will bring to you.

Hack Shelves

If your kids have lots of car toys, a nice idea is placing them in a hack on the wall. They will be displayed together and easy for them to pick up and put back.


Metal Bars

I love this idea! You can put some metal bars on the wall of your kids room and glue some magnets under your kids cars. This idea is perfect if you have small kids since it is much easier for them to pick up the toys here than in a shelf.


Hanging organizer

These hanging organizers are practical and cheap. You can find them in many toy stores or if you have sewing abilities you can do one for your kids. Another idea is using shoe organizers to place the car toys all in the same place.


PVC Pipes

Due to its shape, PVC pipes are perfect to organize car toys! You can make a garage or even fix them on the wall. Each pipe will be place for one car! And you can mix the size of the pipes if your kids cars have different sizes.


Book Ledges Shelves

These shelves are usually used to display books and pictures, but they are also really useful for car toys. They have a small ledge that will prevent the cars from falling down and will keep the room much more organized.


Recycled Tire

What could be more appropriated than a tire to organize toy cars? You can use an old tire and some wood shelves to create a beautiful garage for your kids’ cars. Apart of let the place organized this idea will decorate your kids’ room.



A simpler idea but still very useful is using big jars to store car toys. If they are transparent is even better because your kids can see the toys inside and won’t need to make a mess to find what they want.


Tackle Boxes

These boxes are usually used to store tools and small things as nails but they also can be a perfect place to store small car toys.