Lunch Boxes

If you have kids going to school, probably one of your daily tasks is preparing their lunchboxes! It sounds an easy activity but we know that sometimes it is not! Prepare something kids like but at same time in a healthy and attractive way demand creativityand patience. Because of this we decide to select some easy and cool tips to help you in this challenge and let your kids’ lunchboxesinteresting avoiding the waste of food in the end of the day.

Funny Snacks Lunchbox Ideas

Their snack time will be much more attractive if they found something like this inside their lunchbox. It doesn’t need to be something professional, just somefunny faces made with some slices of egg and tomato are enough to make them eat all!

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (3)

Sliced Fruit Lunchbox Ideas

Mucheasier for your kids to eat than entire ones, peeled and sliced fruits are more attractive and practical. To make this idea better you can use cookies cutters to give nice shapes as hearts and stars to the fruits.

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (5)

Small Portion Lunchbox Ideas

Try do prepare the lunchbox with a great variety of snacks and fruits. Don´t put more than they can eat! Divide small portions of everything and make the snack time healthier! If your kids’ lunchbox doesn’t come with division you can use cupcake liners to do that and avoid the mess!

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (6)

Draw On Sandwich Bag Lunchbox Ideas

If you are short of time to decorate the sandwiches you can use a permanent marker to make some funny draws on the sandwich bag. Use your imagination and creativity and surprise your kids every day! They won´t wait until lunch time to see what do your prepare for them.

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (2)

Butterfly Snack Bag Lunchbox Ideas

A creative idea we found on net is the butterfly snack bag! It is practical, easy to do and can keep two different kinds of snacks at same time without mess. It is only separate a plastic bag with a clothespin decorated as a butterfly! Creative and cute!

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas (4)

Love Message Lunchbox Ideas

Maybe the most important thing inside a lunchbox is the love that you put inside it. And why not show them writing small messages of love, courage and stimulus. You can do this in many different ways, a paper note, written on the sandwich bag and even on the banana peel! I am sure the lunch time will be much happier for you kids with this caress.

Creative kids’ lunch box ideas