DIY Knobs

Do you know those pieces of furniture with broken or unstylish knobs? You can give a new face to them with some simple steps and cheap material! In this post we will show you some creative ideas that you can do by yourself at home to transform your furniture in new one only customizing theirknobs!

Cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, cupboards…It doesn´t matter what piece of furniture do you want to give a new look, changing the knobs it’s a good way to start with. However, if your knobs are new and you don´t want to waste them we have some creative ideas to make your knobs more stylish and unique.


If you have a good hand for drawing and painting this idea is perfect for you. You can pick up your old, stripped, dingy knob and give a new look for it with a bit of paint. Remove your knob from the drawer or door and clean it (sand it if necessary). Apply an appropriate paint for your knob (depend on the material it is made) as many times it is necessary to fix the color. If the knobs are for children you can use small eyes to make characters ad make the room funnier.

Creative Knobs Painting


Yes! You can replace your broken knobs for wine corks! It´s only screw them in the knobs place and it´s done! However you will need a high quality cork or it will break while you are placing it. Try to use the hard ones because they will work better!

Creative Knobs Corks


You can make lovely covers to your old knobs with crochet. Besides giving a nice look the cover will hide all the dirty and imperfection of your knob. If you have kids what about making some characters or figures as animals’ faces and flowers? They will love it!

Creative Knobs Crochet


Probably the most original and different one, this idea is really beautiful and stylish! Substituting your knobs for stones is a creative ideato bring a natural material to your home. If you have the stones you can try to do it by yourself but you will need some professional equipment to drill the stone and this can be really difficult. However, there are some sites on internet which sell stonesknobs already done; only waiting to be placed!

Creative Knobs stones