Use Legos In Creative Way

One of the most famous toys is also a perfect theme for your kids’ parties. Lego is known all around the world and both boys and girls are crazy about it. So, why don’t use these small colorful pieces as inspiration for a creative and fun birthday party? Here we have some incredible and easy ideasthat will help you throw a beautiful and cheapLego themed party.

1) Lego Bags

Use some paper bags in the main Lego colors (yellow, green, red and blue) to place some candies or gifts. Glue some paper circles in the surface of the bag so it will look like a Lego piece.

Creative Lego themed party ideas 1

2) Lego Giant Pieces

To decorate the room and the tables you can make some giantLego pieces. Cover some shoes box with color paper and glue some circles in it. Kids will be amazed with this creative idea.

Creative Lego themed party ideas 2

3) Lego Faces Jars

Those famous yellow faces can be reproduced oversize using some plastic jars and yellow spray paint. You can use the jars that come with the candies that you will buy for the party. Remove the entire label and apply a coat of spray primer (white) first. After it is dry, apply two coats of yellow spray paint. Make the eyes and mouth using a permanent marker or a bit of black paint. Be creative and make different expressions in each jar!

Creative Lego themed party ideas 3

4) Lego Sweets

The food must also match with the decoration and nothing easier than use some M&Ms to create some tasty Lego pieces. Small cakes, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies… All of them will be cute and more delicious with this simple idea.

Creative Lego themed party ideas 4

5) Legos Plates and Cups

Yellow paper plates and cups will be a perfect decoration in a Lego party. You can use a permanent marker to make Lego faces on them and let the table more colorful and attractive. Kids will eat and play at same time!

Creative Lego themed party ideas 5

6) Lego Photo Frame

What give the guests to thank their presence? What about a cute and colorful Lego photo frame? You can do it by yourself at home. Use instant glue to fix some Lego pieces in a simple and cheap photo frame. It is a perfect and useful gift that your guests will certainly love!

Creative Lego themed party ideas 6