Memo Boards

Essential in almost all places, from home to offices, memo boards are useful objects when you need a simple mean of communication between people or you simply are a forgetful person. Despite all of the new technology, memo boards didn´t lose their space in peoples life and nowadays they are used for lots of things. Apart from letting notes, they can also store bills and letters, place pictures and memories or just serve as a piece of decoration in the room.

Most memo boards are simple, without style and with an ordinary aspect. However, you can create your own memo board that will certainly be the opposite of these common ones being sold in the market. We selected some nice and easy ideas that can be done with not much work and simple materials that you might have at home. Have a look and chose your favorite!

Tray Memo Boards

You can use an old metal tray as a memo board in your kitchen. Just give a new look to it with a bit of spray paint or use a nice contact paper to cover its background. To hold the papers and notes you can buy some cute magnets that will match with the decoration of your tray.

Creative Memo board ideas 2

Clothespins Memo Boards

You can give another function to your clothespins apart from holding shirts and socks after being washed! Attach some of them in a wood board using some wood glue and use your favorite spray paint to cover everything with a nice color. You can choose the shape and size of your wood board according to your needs but remember to place the clothespins in a good distance from each other or your notes will be al messed up.

Creative Memo board ideas 3

Wire Memo Boards

Really nice and easy, this idea is at same time charming and rustic. If you have a nice picture frame at home without using you can transform it in a memo board. Give it a nice coat of paint of your preference and pin some nails in its back. Cut a piece of chicken wire (same size and shape of the frame) and hook it in the nails. Use some clothespins to hang your notes and pictures on it.

Creative Memo board ideas 4

Wine Cork Memo Boards

A bit more time demanding but still worth it, this idea is really cool and prefect for people who like to decorate their home with corks. Use a wood board or a picture frame (with the back part) to make a new memo board for you. Use hot glue to attach the corks in the wood board placing them really close to each other. A good idea is to cut one part of the corks letting them flat, this will let the gluing process easy and give a better look to your board. Use some push pins to hold your notes on it.

Creative Memo board ideas 5

Window Shutter Memo Boards

Perfect to be used as memo boards since them don´t need anything to hold the papers and pictures, window shutters are beautiful and they will give a vintage look to your home. You can chose whether use them in their original color (rustic style) or place a coat of spray paint on them to suit better with the decoration of the room.

Creative Memo board ideas 1