DIY Christmas Tree

One of the most important symbols of Christmas, the Christmas treeis essential in the house of people who celebrate this important date all around the world. It doesn’t matter the size, material or color it is always there, in a corner of the room, to remember everybody that Christmas is coming! If you still didn´t prepare your tree for this Christmas or if you want to have something different from the last years, check out this post.

We selected five creative DIY projects to show you how easy it is to do a mini Christmas tree. Perfect for the ones who have a small home or want to decorate a special place in a big one. Have a look and choose your project!

Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree

To this project you will need a cardboard or Styrofoam cone in the size you want, a glue gun and lots of yarn. Start putting a bit of hot glue in the base of the cone and wrap the yarn. Continue to wrap the cone carefully to cover all of it. When you arrive on top of it put another dot of glue. Decorate your tree with pompoms, ribbons and buttons!

Creative Mini Christmas Tree

Ribbons Christmas Tree

To this tree you will need a Styrofoam cone and lots of ribbon strips in the same size and length. You can use how many colors you want! Use small pins to attach the strips on the cone starting from the base. Fold the ribbon strips in the middle and pin it to the cone. When you finish the first layers around the base you start a new one above of it. Repeat the process until you reach the top. Put a nice bow on top and it is done!

Creative Mini Christmas Tree (2)

Paper Flower Christmas Tree

Really close to the previous project, on this one you will also use a Styrofoam cone and pins. The base of the cone will be cover with mini flowers made in beautiful papers. To do them you will need a flower punch. After you have enough paper flower start to pin them on your cone from the base to the top. When you finish you will have a nice outcome!

Creative Mini Christmas Tree (3)

Fabric Wrapped Christmas Tree

Everybody has a nice piece of fabric lost somewhere in the house. How about using it to make a brand new Christmas tree for your house? It is just use it to warp a cardboard or Styrofoam cone. Cut the fabric in a long and thin string. Place a bit of hot glue on top of the cone and start wrapping your tree until you reach the base. Glue the leftover fabric under the cone!

Creative Mini Christmas Tree (4)

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

You can use some beautiful cupcake liners to make a nice and easy Christmas tree! Use a cardboard or Styrofoam cone as the base. Cut the cupcake liners removing its bottom (you will only need the edges) and use hot glue to attach them on the cone. Start from the base making layers until the top. Simple and charming!

Creative Mini Christmas Tree (5)