Clothespin Ideas

Originally created tohang up clothesin a line, clothespins can have much more than this single function. Quite versatile, they can be transformed in many other things only using creativity and imagination. If you can´t believe in this, have a look at these simple and innovative ideas we selected to you. The clothespins we are going to use in all of our projects are the spring-type wooden. You can find them in any supermarket near your home for a cheap price.

Clothespin Vases

A lovely idea is using clothespin to make vases to your herbs and flowers. Use a small round can (like the ones used for tuna) to be the base of your vase. Put theclothespin all around the can next to each other. You can pin or glue them using hot glue. This is a cute idea to decorate your house or a special party. If you want, you can also paint the clothespins in a nice color to match with the decoration.

Creative new uses for clothespin

Thread Organizers

If you have lots of different threads at home and they are all stored in a box looking like a bird´s nest this idea is perfect for you. Keep your threads safe and disentangled using a clothespin to separate and store them. This will make your life much easier when you need them and will also save your money. Use the bottom of the clothespin to hold the end of the line or it will scape and unroll again.

Creative new uses for clothespin 2

Fridge Magnets

Use some decorated clothespin as fridge magnets to hold your notes, photos and important phone numbers. You can decorate them in many ways: painting, using washi tapes or gluing a piece of fabric on it. Use hot glue to fix the magnet in the clothespin and place them on your fridge. Important things will be always on hand when you need them.

Creative new uses for clothespin 3

Place Card Holder

If you are throwing a party or giving a special dinner at home and want to mark the places where your guests must sit, a nice and cheap idea is using clothespins as place card holders. Write the name of your guests in a piece of paper and put in the clothespin. You can also put something more together as a blossom branch or a lace.

Creative new uses for clothespin 4

Gift Card Holder

Following the same idea from the place card, it is also possible use clothespin to hold gift cards on top of gift boxes. Use your imagination and decorate them to match with the box and don’t forget to make a beautiful card. People will be impressed with your creativity and imagination.

Creative new uses for clothespin 5

Party Food Labels

Essential in any good party, food labels are there to help guests know what they are just going to eat. If you are preparing an informal party or something as a barbecue, why spend money with expensive food labels? Use some clothespin and cards to write the menu and place them on the bowls and plates. They will do the same job and you will save time and money!

Creative new uses for clothespin 6