Make Ice Trays

Do you know you can use ice trays for many other things apart from making ice? These simple objects canmake your life much easier in the kitchen and save you a lot of time in your daily activities when they are used with creativity and imagination. We selected tenincredible new uses for ice tray that will help you and your family making your lives more delicious and fun.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze some coffee in ice cube trays to prevent your iced coffee water-down. You can also put some cubes in cold milk or cappuccino. This will let them more delicious and tasty.

Creative new uses for ice trays 1

Frozen Herbs

Place some of your favorite herbs (rosemary, oregano, sage…) in the ice tray, fill it with olive oil and take to the freezer. This will prevent the waste of herbs and save you lot of time during your cooking hours. Every time you need some herbs to your dishes they will be ready for you.

Creative new uses for ice trays 2

Chocolate Candies

You can make small chocolate candies using theice tray as mold. Melt a bar of chocolate in double boiler and divide them in the tray. You can add fruits as strawberries and grapes or other delicious as almonds, grated coconut and hazelnuts. Take to the freezer and wait the chocolate gets hard again.

Creative new uses for ice trays 3

Wine Ice Cubes

Following the same idea as the coffee cubes, you can make wine ice cubes to prevent your wine get watered. You can also use in different drinks to give a slightly taste of wine in them.

Creative new uses for ice trays 5

Frozen Baby Food

If you have a baby at home you know they need to eat healthy food and sometimes preparing them is very time consuming. You can freeze home-made baby food in ice cube trays to have them always in hand when you need. You can make different ones and mix them before taking to the microwave-oven.

Creative new uses for ice trays 6

Individual Ice-Cream

You can make small portions of ice cream using ice cube trays. Home-made or not, divide the ice cream in the tray and add a popsicle stick to make it easier to eat. Kids will love this idea!

Creative new uses for ice trays 4

Frozen Juice

You can freeze some vegetables and add them to your juices to make them healthier and more delicious. Collard, carrots and beet are very good for your healthy and can be easily transformed in a paste (only mix them in the blander with a bit of water). When you prepare your juices chose some cubes to add them and make your life better.

Creative new uses for ice trays 7

Frozen T omato Sauce

Very used in many recipes, we always need some homemade tomato sauce to add in some dish. You can prepare a high quantity of it and freeze in ice cube trays picking up small portions when you need them. This will save food and time!

Creative new uses for ice trays 8

Ice Cube Jellos

A creative and fun way of making jellos is using an ice tray to make small cubes of them. You can make different colors and put them together after they are ready. A prefect dessert that will impress kids and adults!

Creative new uses for ice trays 9

Frozen Fruit Salad

You can alsofreeze fruit salad in ice cube trays and save them for a long time. Some people don´t eat fruit because they don’t have time to peel and prepare them. This idea will save time and prevent the waste of fruits apart from making your life healthier and easier.

Creative new uses for ice trays 10