Terra-Cotta Pots

In your life, you might have seen thousands of terra-cotta pots serving as home for plants, flowers and herbs in all kinds of places. Yes, this is their most famous utility! However, we will show you that these durable and inexpensive objects can be more than simple planters. They can be used in many different ways and situations to make your life easierand the decoration of your home more beautiful. Check out these incredible new uses for terra-cotta pots we have selected for you and try some at home!

P.S: If you want instructions of how decorate or paint terra-cotta pots, check out this our other article: Click here

1) Organizers

Due their shape,terra-cotta plants are perfect for organizing objects around the house. It doesn´t matter in which room do you want to place them, there is always place for cute pots! You can organize jewelry, makeup and hair accessories in your bedroom or toiletries in the bathroom. In kids room they can serve to store craft materials and small toys or you can place some pots in the kitchen to store cutleries.

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 1

2) Gift Pot

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift in a special package? Terra-cotta pots are perfect to store some small gifts in special occasions. Fill a pot with candies at Easter or with chocolate on Valentine´s day. A nice idea is giving a garden kit inside the pot! Nothing is more appropriated than this.

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 2

3) Food Bowl

What about serving your guests using terra-cotta pots? This idea is charming and cute for many occasions: outdoor weddings, barbecues, thematic parties… Chose different sizes of pots and fill them with some snack, vegetables, fruits and sauces. Your guests will be amazed with your creativity!

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 3

4) Baking Pots

Cupcakes, cakes and bread can be baked inside terra-cotta pots easily! Use them to decorate parties or as gifts to special people. Who wouldn´t love receive a delicious cake inside a terra-cotta pot? A cute and tasty idea!

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 4

5) Cupcake Stands

Someterra-cotta pots and plates glued together can be transformed in perfect cupcake stands to parties and celebrations. Hot glue or instant glue work well on this kind of material and dry easily. Decorate the cupcake stand and place delicious things on it.

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 5

6) Candle Holder

A cute and lovely idea is using small terra-cotta pots as candle holders. They will give a special charm to any table decoration and you can also use this idea as a gift. If you like to make your own candles you can use the pots as mold! They will work perfectly.

Creative new uses for terra-cotta pots 6