Creative Paper Lantern Decorations

If you are throwing a party or want something different to decorate your room, paper lanterns are good options! Apart from being beautiful and elegant they are very cheap and easy to decorate. There are lots of different types, sizes and shapes of paper lanterns but in this post we are going to use in all projects the round shape one that you can find in any craft store or party supplies shop for between $2 and $ 10 dollars (depend on the size).

Paper lanterns can bring a magical atmosphere to any place (indoor or outdoor) and any party. However if you think they are still too simple for what you want, we are going to show you how to transform them in incredible decorative pieces in simple steps using common and cheap materials.

Scaled Paper Lantern

You can create a scaled lantern only using some tissue paper and a tape. Cut the paper in lots of circles of the same size (you can use only one color or more than one) and start placing the circles on the bottom of lantern using a tape to glue them. Do many layers overlaying the circles as a fish scale. Go up until you reach the top and cover all the lantern.

Creative paper lanterns decorations 3

Glitter Paper Lantern

If you want a disco ball in your party, a cheap and easy way is covering a round paper lantern with glitter. To do that you will only need some glue spray and lots of glitter in the color you prefer. Cover the ball with the glue and immediately pour glitter on it. Cover the place where you will work with paper so you can reuse the glitter that will not stick on the ball again. When the first layer is dry, do another one to cover all the parts that are still appearing. When you finish spray glue in the entire surface one more time to fix the glitter well.

Creative paper lanterns decorations 1

Dots Lantern

Very easy and simple to do, this project is perfect to do with kids and for them. Use some circle shaped stickers to decorate your paper lantern and give a colorful and lively look to any place. You can find these stickers in any craft shop or stationary but another alternative is cutting some normal paper in circles and use some glue to stick them.

Creative paper lanterns decorations 5

Frilly Tissue Paper Lantern

This project is perfect to decorate your home or any elegant celebration as a wedding party. You will need lots of cupcake liners and patience to make this lantern but the final work is amazing and worth it. Fold the liners bringing their edges up to give a flower shape. Use hot glue to stick the liners on the lantern from up to bottom. They need be placed really close to each other to give a fluffy appearance. When you finish covering the entire surface, your paper lantern is ready to be hanged.

Creative paper lanterns decorations 4

Plastic Cups Paper Lantern

Much easier and more modern than the previous one, this project won’t take much of your time. You will only need some small plastic cups (the ones used to drink coffee) and hot glue. Start gluing the cups placing some glue in their bottom. Place them next to each other on the lantern until you cover its entire surface. If you use it as a lamp or chandelier the result will be amazing!

Creative paper lanterns decorations 6

Ruffled Paper Lantern

Another cute and easy option to decorate paper lanterns is applying ruffles to them. Chose some bright colors of crepe paper and cut them as you can see in the pictures. Use some tape to help you stick the ruffles while you are making them. Make two or three layers using one color then change to another one. In the end your lantern will be really colorful and lively.

Creative paper lanterns decorations 2