Make Your Own Placemats

Their primary function is to protect the dinner table from water marks, food stains or heat damage. They also serve as a decorative piece in special dinners, parties and celebrations. Placemats became more and more popular in the last decades and for many people they are an indispensable object on table. Because of this we are going to show you how to create originals and different placemats that will bring charm and elegance to your table and impress all your guests.

Originally placemats were thick in order to insulating the table from heat and water but with the past years, they also have an ornamental role in addition to the functionalome, and they are designed to coordinate with napkins and other table décor. Many materials are used in placemats: cotton, plastic, paper, bamboo, linen… However, we will show you that you can innovate and create an audacious look to your table with simple (but very different) materials:

Wine Cork Placemat

A prefect material to placemats, wine corks are simple, resistant and charming. Some home supply stores sell cork placemats but the price is not cheap, beside this, it´s so simple and easy to do that you can easily create a different and better one for your home. Cut your corks in slices of same size. Glue them together with hot glue until you reach the appropriate size for you. You can glue them forming a geometric shape or in a random order to give a more modern look. You can also make coasters for the glasses matching with your placemats.

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Rope Placemats

As wine corks, rope is a durable and resistant material to be used as placemats. Besides being appropriate they are also very beautiful and they will bring a nautical look to your table. You only have to roll the rope applying glue along the entire length to make it very firm. Roll until you have the size you think it is good for you. It´s important to choose the rope width according to your taste but if it is too large or too thin the work will be a bit more difficult. You can also make a glass coaster using the same process. Your table will be adorable!

Creative Placemat Ideas

Jeans Placemats

More casual and basic than the previous ideas, jeans are not the common kind of fabric used to make placemats. However, they are perfect for it as they are resistant and easy to clean. You can use a unique peace of jeans or flaps of them sewed together. A creative idea is sew a pocket in the placemat to store the cutlery and napkins. After using the placemats is only put them in the washing machine!

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Stones Placemats

Probably the most difficult one but the most original too are the placemats made with stones. They can give an elegant and stylish look to any table and impress even the finest guests. To make your stone placemat you will need some decorative stones (you can find them in gardening shops) and a piece of cloth to put under it. In my opinion, the best options are the non-skid rugs, especially the ones made of rubber, because they are discrete and easy to be cleaned. Cut the rug in the shape and size you want your placemat be and start gluing the stones with hot glue. After you cover the entire surface your placemat is ready to be used!

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Vinyl Disk Placemat

If you want to throw a themed party or if you like vintage objects this idea is perfect for you. You can use old vinyl disks as placemats to decorate and protect your table. Use them in the original form or make some decoration on top. A creative idea is to glue a menu in the center part of the disc where we usually have the songs list. Simple and very creative isn´t it?

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