Recycled Planters

What is more ecological than using recyclable objects as planters? Instead of throwing them in the bin and contribute with the pollution and waste of material you can transform some simple daily containers in creative planters for your herbs and flowers. Apart from helping the nature, you will give a nice decoration to your garden and balcony with these lovely ideas.

Food Cans

Perfect to give a vintage look to your home, food cans are great places to store herbs and small plants. Remember to make some holes on the bottom of the cans to let excesses water drain away. You can do this with a hammer and a nail.

Creative recycled planters 3

Mason Jars

Make an elegant and clean planter using mason jars. A nice idea is attaching them in a piece of wood creating a vertical planter, perfect for small places. As you can´t make holes in the bottom, be careful when watering or you can kill your plants.

Creative recycled planters 1

Juice or Milk Cartons

Perfect planter if you want to create a garden with your kids! As it is made of paper, there is no problem of breaking or kids getting hurt and you can let them enjoy their plants without worrying. Make some holes in the bottom to drain the water.

Creative recycled planters 5

Glass Bottles

What is more elegant than keeping your plants is charming glass bottles? They will bring a lovely look to your home and keep your plants safe. The best way of cutting glass bottles is taking them to a glass shop near your home or using a special tool to do that. ( You can hang the bottles or use the bottom part of them to keep the planters upright.

Creative recycled planters 2

Plastic Bottles

Not as charming as the previous one but much easier to do, plastic bottle planters are practice and cheap. It is just cutting the bottle right in the middle and turns the upper part upside down. Fill the bottom with water and use the upper part to place the soil and plant. Put a piece of cotton in the bottleneck to help water comes up and reach the soil

Creative recycled planters 4